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is it better to do the flooring or paint first?

the ideal is to first do any prep work to the walls e.g.ripping up wall paper, sanding and patching walls, etc. the reason for that is that this can damage the floors. also, it’s often better to paint the ceilings first, especially given that the ladders will rest on the floors. from there, you should rip up the floors.

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its walls first except for the first row of tile at the bottom of the wall, then the floor, then fill in the first row of wall tile. keep in mind that the bottom row of tile will be something less than a full tile, as the floor wont be perfectly level and each piece of wall tile may be a slightly different size.

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how do you create a second floor? the sims 4 pc . macintosh playstation 4 xbox one. faqs. answers. board. more. home. summary; release data; just building my first house, but cannot work out how to add a second floor, i have put stairs in but that is as far as i have got. then build the walls, floors, etc from there. 3ds friend code

tiling a shower floor or wall first: which way is the

the wall tiles should overlap the floor. and, that can't happen if the wall tiles are already installed. at least, not without some careful planning first. however, professional tilers will disagree with this. if you tile the floor first you may accidentally damage the new floor by dropping things on it. this may result in cracked tile.

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walls first, floors last, if anything its because walls tend to have white or lighter grouts than floors so if you do the floor first and grout with grey when you do the walls you will inevitably drop grout onto your lovely floor and cause light patches to your grout, also you might drop a tile onto your floor and chip something, get your walls out of the way, all shining and clean and then do

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which goes in first, the tile for the shower floor or the tile for the shower wall? i was taught to hang the backerboards over the sand mix base then install the floor tiles and then the wall tiles down on top of the floor.

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thanks for the advise. the answer to your questions:a) the table pc is on the second floor were our dsl modem connection is, and the kitchen is on the first floor about 50 feet away but walls and

which order to finish a gutted room: wall or floor first

opt for floor installation first because it's often a messy process. a gutted room eliminates much of the dirt and grime associated with removing old carpet, tile or wood flooring.

which order to finish a gutted room: wall or floor first

it isn't critical whether you install flooring or paint the walls first in an empty gutted room, but there are a few reasons why installing the flooring first might eliminate potential problems.

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the downstairs bedrooms feature the first sliding walls to be incorporated into the bb house. the highlight of the room is a floor-to-ceiling pin art wall, featuring 14,276 separate plastic pegs on a display big enough to press your entire body into.

should you paint walls before or after refinishing floors?

if the floor happens to be wood, paint can seep into the wood and stain it almost beyond repair. you would have to sand deeply into that wood to remove the paint pigment. so, even if you choose to paint the walls first, it's best to protect your flooring from paint drips.

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we're about to embark on a kitchen remodel and as i'm mulling over cabinets, countertops, and tile i'm curious to ask about what to pick first. i know everyone has different priorities and tastes, but i think i'm leaning towards picking the countertop first (in all likelihood, granite) and then matching the cabinets and tile to that.

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the code states that wall tiles must overlap floor tiles, also tiled hobs should a top tile that overlaps both vertical tiles on each side. when tiling a shower, do the floor first, then screw level batten to the wall just high enough to fit a tile under it at the lowest point, then tile the walls, by the time you have done this you should be able to remove the batten and cut the remaining