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there is a trick to how you orient the pergola that determines when you get the greater % shade, north south vs east west orientation will give you either early/late day shade vs mid-day shade. i forget which is which off hand, and of course by using a x8 or x10 you can increase your ocs as compared to the x6s.

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how to determine pergola rafter spacing. january 11, 2018. careful pergola rafter spacing along with attractive hardware will make your pergola a thing of beauty. i spent a happy eight months working as part of a carpentry crew at the canaveral national seashore in florida. the seashore is a wildlife preserve, and to protect the unique


our vinyl arcadian pergola comes with a maintenance-free white vinyl top. solid pressure-treated wood 6x6 posts are sleeved in vinyl with a decorative base and capital. double 2x8 headers with pressure-treated wood, sleeved in white vinyl provide strength and a non-sagging appearance. full width 2x6 arched rafter joists span across the shorter

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i'm building a deck and am going to add a pergola above it for a little shade and possibly some vines. my main concern is sagging in the beams and joists. three along the 24' span so 12' span between the 2x6's are under sized for the span. minimum 2x8's, but i would do 2x10's for the over built catagory. ron