why do fence posts twist

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why is my wood fence warping, twisting, moving, shrinking

what we are going to do today is educate you about wood fences so you can know what and why this happens and some things that can cause your fence to warp, twist, move, shrink and crack more severely than normal.

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fence post twist pro construction forum be the pro

he and i have been monitoring the twist and it seems to have ceased but i cannot be sure. as for the posts, they are all cemented in and there is no way we are going to dig them up since we built the heck out of this fence.

twisted post this old house

i have a 6-foot-high fence that is about two years old. it was built with cca-treated lumber, including 6x6 posts, 2x4 cross members, and 1x4 fencing boards. my problem is with the posts. they're about 8 feet on center, and all of them have started to twist. the ones that get the most sun are twisting the worst.

mike holmes: fight warp and sag in wooden fences, gates

make sure you have taken every possible countermeasure to keep your posts from warping, twisting and flexing, because these can't be repaired once they are installed. as for the rest of your fence, just remember that, no matter what you do, a few pieces of wood will want to rebel.

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how to prevent warping & splitting of fence boards hunker

construct the fence properly. pre-drill holes before nailing the fence together and do not over-drive the nails into the fence. this will prevent splitting. install backrails on the fence no more than 8 inches from the top and bottom of the fence to prevent warping. for fences taller than 6 feet, install another backrail in the middle.

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