retaining wall around foundation

martinez church teetering on eroded creek bank seeks help

the church backs up to alhambra creek and heavy storms have eroded the bank nearly to its foundation. the property lost its retaining wall in a 2005 flood and the problem has steadily worsened

crews begin permanent construction on u.s. 36 rebuild

top spots around denver. causing the part of the road to cave in and the retaining wall to fall apart. with a steel concrete foundation that goes deep into the bedrock. the bridge has been

do you need a retaining wall?

erosion can threaten your home’s foundation. if the soil around a downhill foundation is washing away, or erosion from a slope is compacting an uphill foundation, a retaining wall can help. in such cases, building retaining walls is one of the most important services landscaping and contracting companies perform.

geofoam installation complete on u.s. 36 rebuild project

top spots around denver. which will be drilled down to bedrock to ensure stability of the wall foundation. approximately 70 of the 141 concrete caissons have been drilled so far, according to

how to grade around a foundation this old house - youtube

this old house landscape contractor roger cook saves a soggy foundation. (see below for a shopping list and tools.) used to form retaining wall how to grade around a foundation this old

retaining wall foundation design

the foundation design of a retaining wall varies according to the type of retaining wall you choose to build in your garden. retaining walls are structures that help to retain soil pressure in a lateral direction. here are a few tips to design the foundations of the different kinds of retaining

retaining walls and your home's foundation dawson

a retaining wall can help move flowing water appropriately, and therefore reduce the risk of soil erosion around your foundation. this added protection for your home’s foundation is a significantly less expensive option for prevention than doing nothing and facing a foundation repair at a later date. how do i know if i need a retaining wall

city and csx agree to split 26th street collapse repair costs

the city of baltimore and csx agree to split the cost of rebuilding the collapsed retaining wall along e. 26th street. split 26th street collapse repair costs. august 11, 2014 at 11:34 pm

how to divert water away from foundations with retaining

retaining walls can help divert water away from foundations during flooding. often they are just a part of a water flow management solution. combined with proper guttering, french drains and foundation swales, most water can be diverted away from the foundation and home. divert water away from foundations preparation