how to nail tougue and groove on a pergola roof

tongue and groove siding on a pergola roof

10 - the pool deck and patio were installed with concrete pavers that included a brow roof in the front gable, matching vinyl siding, pvc tongue and groove ceiling. tongue and groove siding home design ideas, pictures, remodel all rooms 'tongue and groove siding' - similar to tongue and groove siding home design ideas, pictures

the different ways of putting a tongue and groove on the

to install tongue and groove paneling vertically, begin by nailing 1-by-3 furring strips horizontally either directly to the wall studs on a new wall or over the drywall on a finished wall. the paneling will be nailed directly to these furring strips. nail up the first panel at a corner of the room, with the tongue side facing out.

how to install a tongue and groove ceiling wood plank

installing tongue-and-groove aka t and g boards is a fast, inexpensive way to panel any ceiling or wall. wrap the soffits and fascia roof parts with prefinished aluminum to never paint roof edges again. irina lagutenko. for my home. and uses no nails or screws looks just like a williams sonoma one for $1,400. see more.

wood plank ceiling: how to install a tongue and groove ceiling

one of the cool things about tongue and groove walls is that you can use a technique called blind-nailing. if you do it properly, you wont have any nail heads showing or holes to fill. drive the nails through the shoulder of the tongues into the framing at about a 45-degree angle. the next grooved edge will hide the nail holes.

wood ceiling 101: how to install tongue and groove paneling

6. nailing. boards should be nailed at a 45-degree angle through the tongue. have i mentioned this yet? one or two hundred times? you can see, the 45-degree angle means the nail is hidden, but the tongues can still fit into the groove of the next board. we practiced this on a scrap piece of wood before nailing the first one in.

what gauge nails do i need for tongue and groove - hunker

length. the nail must be long enough to go through the piece of pine and into the ceiling above. if the nail is too short, it won't hold the pine tongue and groove securely to the ceiling. if installing one-half-inch pine, use 1 1/2-inch nails. for three-quarter-inch pine, 2-inch nails are appropriate.

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when blind nailing, the nail is sent into the groove at roughly a 45 degree angle. the nail can be started with a normal carpenters hammer, and then made flush with the surface of the groove by means of a nail set. on the side of the building the roof angle was three pitch so we knew we had to cut our tongue and groove cedar boards at a 15 degree angle.

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this tongue and groove wall adds visual insterest to the room, and its super durable and simple to clean. its also a fairly simple diy home improvement project. alix adams of a ruffled life built it to brighten up her dining room, which wasnt the most inspiring room of her home.

how to install tongue and groove decking

tongue and groove decking is one of the easier types of decking to install. the wooden parts are already cut to fit together and just need to be cut to the right lengths to be installed. they will also need to be treated to protect them from weather. you will also need to have the frame already

how to nail tongue and groove boards ehow

how to nail tongue and groove boards. when putting tongue-and-groove boards together, the groove slides over the tongue of the previous course. once a board is placed, you'll place nail fasteners at 45-degree angles through the tongue into the subfloor, rather than on top of the board where it can be seen.

how to install tongue and groove pine - youtube

this video will show you time saving techniques to install v notch pine on a cathedral ceiling by yourself, using inexpensive and simple tools. how to install tongue and groove pine tallcook37

why do we not typically use tongue and groove sheathing

answers. oldest best answer: sheathing is covered with tar paper or other water proofing material, and covered with shingles. tongue and grove is very expensive compared to exterior grade ply wood sheets. one 4x12 or 4x8 pluwood can be installed in 1 minute. tongue and groove boardes would take half an hour to cover the same area.

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pergola patio pergola shade cheap pergola deck with pergola patio roof pergola plans pergola attached to house pergola canopy wooden pergola pergola is intended to pass through a sitting area surrounded by a garden, but you can also use it to pass through a rose garden.

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pergola with tongue and groove roof cost - plastic wood decking. material cost calculators - cost estimators for home construction, home remodeling and home maintenance .

exterior treated tongue and groove boards

measure, mark and cut each tongue and groove exterior plank to size based on the pitch of the roof and the bottom edge of the wall. next, fit groove edges into tongue edges, securing into plywood backing and to one another using a nail gun using stainless steel 2 finish nails.

how to nail down a tongue and groove wooden floor without a

each nail is fully set when the head is flush with the tongue, and because it's angled, it doesn't interfere with the groove of the following board as it fits around the tongue and hides all the

installation of a 1' x 6' tongue and groove ceiling home

angle-nail the lumber to the joist by holding the gun 45 degrees between the face of the lumber and the tongue groove. repeat the process at each joist location to secure the tongue and groove

how to install a tongue-and-groove plank ceiling how-tos

start with your first piece: groove facing the wall, tongue facing out. use the framing gun to add a nail to the tongue of the plank and secure in place. for the next piece, you will connect the groove of the new piece into the tongue of the first piece.

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i needed to install 16ft lengths of pine tongue and groove on a flat ceiling. not only is it challenging by doing it by myself required some ingenuity. here is a simple way to make a very useful tool.

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carpentry question regarding shingles on a single layer tongue and groove roofposted by coon on 10/24/13 at 6:15 pm. 00. working on the plans for a deck on the bayou behind my house. the will have a roof and the rafters will be exposed and the roof will consist of of 3/4 t and g cedar or pine with tar paper and shingles to match my house.

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video of pergola being built in miami florida with outdoor design tips from outdoor guru kevin keene of florida outdoor living where they make pergolas so ni

how to hang tongue and groove ceiling by myself - youtube

diy porch porch roof screened in porch porch swing front porch pergola swing pergola shade pergola patio porch columns i finally decided it was time to get my front porch ceiling installed, and to seal up those areas where my attic is open to the great outdoors.

wood ceiling 101: how to install tongue and groove paneling

tools: the finish nailer- as you would expect- was just right. 7. tight fit. do not bang on the tongue of a board to get it to fit better. use a scrap piece of wood with a groove cut it in that fits over the tongue or a scrap piece of ceiling material and fit that over the board before tapping gently with a hammer.

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attach 3/4 plywood sheets to the front and back of the carport. start with the bottom left section of the carport and go up to the top. leave no gaps between the sheets and secure them into place with 1 5/8 screws or nails. ideally, you should use tongue and groove roof sheets.

replacing an outdoor pergola

a ledger board attaches the pergola to an exterior wall of your house and also supports the pergola's roof. step 1 examine the pergola to be removed. identify any wood rot to avoid injury. rot can cause the wood to crumble or dislodge, an event that could allow other parts of the outdoor pergola to move unexpectedly. step 2 remove all furniture and plants. before you disassemble the old pergola, remove all furniture and plants from the area.