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and you get to extend the time you spend in the beautiful outdoors. this resting period should usually last for at least 24 hours but may extend to 48 hours, depending on the humidity and weather in your area. step five: enjoy your stained fence now has come the time to enjoy your beautifully stained fence. you can kick back and relax.

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step 2--clean the fence. in many cases, you will want to use a pressure washer for this job. when you use the pressure washer, you are going to want to put detergent in the area that soaks up water for the pressure washer. by using detergent, you are going to be able to break up some of that build up easier.

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you also can use this technique on balsa wood roughened with a wire brush to create a thatched effect, or to create weathered shingles or fence posts. other aging effects for wood many other aging effects for wood finishes involve rubbing patinas into the paint, or layering paint to produce an aged effect with an overlay of colored furniture wax you can use dark brown shoe polish .

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discard the solvent. if you're using mineral spirits or turpentine, pour it into a separate container; you should be able to reuse it after the stain settles out. pour clean solvent into the bowl and give the brush a second treatment, shaking it and inverting it. use a wire brush to comb the bristles to get all the pigment out.

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part i in the series of how to restore an old, weathered, wooden fence. join us as we prep the wooden fence for stain. in total we spent $5 on bleach and a spray bottle in order to clean the fence.

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beat random areas of the fence posts with a hammer. whack some areas with the claw or side of the hammer as well, for a variation in the look. these indentations will show up darker once stained

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clean the wood surface. an alternative method to cleaning the fence is to use a pressure-washer. the high-pressure water stream not only blasts away grime and mildew but it can peel away the outer layer of the woods dead gray cells and expose the lighter, fresher wood grain.

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deck cleaners are formulated to clean a deck surface whether it has a stain or sealer on it or not. however, if you have an old finish thats worn out, the cleaner will do a blotchy job. itll clean the worn spots differently from the spots that still have finish on them.

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check the weather forecast for optimal time period to complete the project. it is best to work on your fence when temperatures are between 40 and 90 degrees fahrenheit and humidity is low to moderate. do not paint when precipitation is in the immediate forecast or expected within the time necessary for drying.

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how to clean and maintain a wood fence. start by thoroughly cleaning the fence or deck using a specially formulated fence or deck cleaner following the manufacturers directions. allow the cleaner to remain on the wood the recommended time usually 15-20 minutes . scrub the wood with a long handled scrub brush, or use a power pressure washer.

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what is wood fence restoration? restoring wood fencing, decking and gazebos is a treatment process that brings tired looking and weather-beaten outdoor wood surfaces back to life. we treat and repair wood on site for your convenience. restoration is typically needed whenever sections of old or unprotected wood fencing warp, rot or fall out.

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however, if the wood is brand new you do have to wait at least 4 months to stain it. talk to your fence contractor if youre not sure about the age of your wood at the time of the fence installation to get a more accurate picture of how long youll need to wait. armstrong clark wood stain . armstrong clark wood stain is another great choice.

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how to weather fence panels. sharing is caring 3 shares. of this sort and it was fun to see that theres a handy little valve to release the pressure when youre ready to clean your deck pro. from the homeright site: translucent polyethylene tank makes tracking the liquid level easy.

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how to restore western red cedar decking. the first step in refinishing a western red cedar deck is to clean it as above . after the deck surface has been cleaned and rinsed down it should be allowed to dry. the moisture content of the wood should be below 20%.

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preparing the fence. then, rinse the fence with a garden hose to remove all traces of the solution. after cleaning your fence, lay a sheet of plastic, canvas or cardboard under the fence to protect underlying concrete, grass or plants from stain drips.

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power washing makes the huge cleaning task easy. power washers are aggressive as a fence cleaner. theyll strip the wood as well as clean off the dirt and grime, but you can also erode the wood too deeply and ruin it. the key is to use the right sprayer tip and technique.

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get the weathered look by using these great gray stain colors the current buzz in deck stains focuses on the oh-so-chic weather beaten gray motif reminiscent of antique reclaimed wood. how much does it cost to stain a fence, how much stain do i need for my deck, how much stain for deck, how much stain needed for fence, how much to stain

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with any of these 5 easy diy methods, you can weather new wood and add years of rustic charm in a weekendor less for a weathered gray look, soak the steel wool anywhere from 30 minutes to two days. youll get a very subtle gray after 30 minutes to an hour of wait time; for even grayer shades, wait two or three hours.

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of all the difference fence types out there, wooden fences are one of the most aesthetically pleasing unless you refuse to clean them. if left alone, wood fencing will begin to grow algae, mildew and mold, and eventually begin rotting. luckily, wood fences aren't hard to clean if you know what you're doing. here's a few tips and tricks to help.

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if you are applying stain to an old fence, first make sure it is free of all dirt, debris, and any mildew. it is best to clean the surface of older fences a few days before you plan to apply your stain. always wear protective gear such as goggles and latex gloves.

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this is important because cleaning a fence prior to sealing it: eliminates dirt, mildew, mold, and algae. opens the pores of the wood. balances the pores of the wood so that the sealer bonds to each fiber choosing the right cleaner for fence cleaning is not as easy as you might think.

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i just cleaned a vinyl fence. i used my house wash mix 12% and joy down streamed . the fence is clean and bright, but does not have the shine that it did b