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how to add a pergola to an existing deck? answer. answered. hello, i have a large deck on the back of our house that is in good condition. i would love to add a pergola to the deck. but i am not sure how to start. any and all suggestions appreciated. my advice would be to check with your county building codes to see if you can build it and

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consider building a pergola on the deck, ensuring that you will receive the best in outdoor living areas and protection from the elements. the first thing you need to do when building a pergola over an existing deck is to check whether there are any building codes or regulations that you will have to meet during construction.

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ozco building products oz-deck foundation system is one of the best ways to build a deck without digging holes. its a hot-dipped galvanized plate that when combined with ozcos post anchors creates a solid foundation so you can build a solid deck without digging holes or pouring concrete.

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step 1: build the pergola. first you will need to install your vertical supports and your horizontal beam. you could tear out your existing deck supports and use a solid support however, we opted to extend the existing supports using a bracket. as far as wood goes, you can use pressure treated wood or cedar.

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youll most likely have a different situation. build a pergola over an existing patio instead of building a new one saves you a lot of time, money and work. if youll be adding a patio later, be sure to pour all the footings at the finished patio height as part of your pergola designs. keep in mind any slope youll include in the patio.

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a properly constructed deck provides ample strength to anchor a pergola. however there are a few points to make to ensure you get the most strength you can with a little more effort. any pergola post can be anchored to a wood surface with 90 degree strap brackets. there are a few additional considerations before screwing into the post and into

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now you can look upward, where the decorative pergola gives this deck a distinctive look and creates the impression of an outdoor room. at first glance, the pergolas beams and rafters appear to be made from massive timbers that would be difficult to machine and install, let alone find in the necessary lengths.

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the deck is 17 x 16, and id like to build the pergola to roughly match the size and shape. the attached picture shows a view of the deck from above, along with measurements and placements of the existing support posts and beams. the posts are 6x6 and the beams are paired 2x10. the joists on top of that are 2x8, and theres deck flooring on top of that.

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the traditional method of securing your pergola posts into the deck framing is definite way to do it. you might also wish to incorporate the pergola posts as part of the railing posts also. in this way you will make them more rigid including building a rigid roof frame structure overhead and braced to the posts. but most joists are 2x8 unless you choose to use larger joists for that area.

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without knowing how stout your existing deck is, and without knowing how extensive the overhead structure on your pergola will be, it'd be best to recommend that you carry the load of the pergola down to earth. especially if the deck is attached to the house via a ledger board.

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building a pergola on an existing deck can be done to make your deck more comfortable than before. it gives different atmosphere for the deck as well as to protect the area of the deck. for those who love to build something, it means building a pergola on an existing deck is a good project for you.

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build a pergola on your existing deck. updated on june 12, 2008. dan. more. contact author. a bedroom window was replaced with a sliding glass door out onto the recycled deck. the addition of a pergola makes it a cozy outdoor 'room'. this pergola was built on this recycled porch.