how far apart should pergola slats be

how far apart should rafters be spaces on pergola if used

it's a really basic four post pergola with a single vine. the end face vertical posts 1750mm apart of the pergola is trellised, so the main vertical stem grows up the centre of the trellis, ie equidistant from the end face corner posts.

spacing for the pergola top -

plants are mainly hostas and astilbe, etc.i want a simple structure, ladder like ends 2'width 2x4 stringers across and then 4 foot 2x2 across that to provide the shade top, how wide apart should the 2x2's be to provide dapple shade? glad to hear from you a typical spacing for the joists top members of a pergola is 16' o.c.

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diy pergola plans. therefore, we recommend you to use 2×6 or 2×8 lumber to build the support beams, according to your needs and tastes. as you can see in the image, these components should overhang about 10-15 on both sides of the pergola. use a spirit level to align them properly, before inserting the carriage bolts.

how far apart could pergola beams be placed? yahoo answers

answers. best answer: install a beam under each end of the rafters and fasten it into the 2 end posts. then install one beam in the center under the rafter span with a post under each end. unfortunately if you want a clear span with no post except at the corners, this roof will start sagging within 6 months.

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hide any fixings behind where the slat supporting beams come out, but this does depend on how far apart your slat supporting beams are. 9th feb 2015, 11:28 am 9 bloss

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laying out an arbor-pergola has quite a few things to consider that need to be talked about with your customer. i think that if the soffit is 8'6' in height the bottom of the beam for your project should be 9' to 10' in height to the bottom of the beam. your beam or joist can extend over the house a bit to aid in more shade and ties it into the architecture better.

how far apart should rafters be spaced on pergola if used

if yes, then how far apart should they be spaced? also should the rafters run along the longer side of the pergola or the shorter side? the pergola would be 18 ft long by 13 ft wide and 8 ft in height.

how far apart for rafters patio ? yahoo answers

i am building a 12x17 patio cover which i am going to run right off the flat roof. i'm going to use 3 4x4 supports which will be bricked to the top. i plan on using 2x6 rafters. how far apart do i need to space them? i'm going to put recessed lights and a ceiling fan in and use a hardi soffett. thanks for the help.

how to build a slat wood pergola - a beautiful mess

you can check out my post about building a slat wood privacy fence where i talk about mounting posts and creating the base which we used to support one side of the pergola. supplies: metal hangers like this; coated deck screws; 2×6 treated lumber youll need enough of these to be spaced 2 apart lattice strips* tape measure; power drill; chop saw