replacing suspended wooden floors with concrete

3 options for uneven floor repair

3 options for uneven floor repair by this compound can potentially be utilized on a concrete slab or a wood subfloor, and it works well when you are dealing with dips in the floor. self-leveling compound is similar to concrete, typically coming in large bags in powder form. you mix it with water in a bucket until it creates a thick paste.

should you replace your old timber floor with a concrete

traditional ground floors have consisted of little more than a few flagstones or bricks placed directly over the soil. the victorian era saw the widespread introduction in mass housing with suspended timber floors, alongside rudimentary solid floors in hard-wearing areas such as kitchens and hallways. this combination persisted well into the 1930s, with solid concrete

filling in a room's wooden floor with concrete

my kitchen has old 'floating' wooden floors i.e the wooden floor is about 450mm higher than the ground level outside that are in pretty bad condition and have been covered with linoleum, that is

would you advise replacing a wooden floor with a concrete

would you advise replacing a wooden floor with a concrete floor in an old house that has been flooded? the only place the water came in was up through the floor boards. i want to replace this floor with concrete so that if it happens again, water can't get in. the other floors in the house are concrete and didn't take in water.

replacing a suspended wooden floor with a concrete floor

hi, my suspended floor in my dining room is a bit sloped and we have a bit of a damp problem too in that room so im a little worried about rot - i was wondering how easy it is to just replace the existing floor with concrete - theres probably less than a foot of space between the floorbaords and

replace a timber floor with a concrete slab

replace a timber floor with a concrete slab aside from the requisite damp coursing and tanking of the room it has an original tongue n groove suspended timber floor. the house is circa 1930-35 and im hoping after the plumbing is established underfloor level i can install a concrete slab on to which tiling is normally attached .

laying a concrete floor

a rotten or damaged suspended timber floor, on the ground floor of a house, can usually be replaced with a solid concrete floor if you wish. however, you should always check with your local building control officer as this can affect the ventilation properties of the house.

should my floor be timber or concrete?

in the sixties and seventies it became fashionable to replace suspended timber ground floors in older houses with solid concrete in the misguided belief that floors in rooms with a water supply

removing suspended wooden flooring

removing suspended wooden flooring 4th jan 10 at 3:29 pm 1 ; hi peoples i live in a 1900's terraced house and i'm thinking about completely removing the suspended wooden flooring and cross beams and floor supporting walls etc in one downstairs room to gain extra room height. we have just removed our floors and put in insulated concrete

floors and flooring

wooden floors may be laid on concrete or they may be suspended above the ground. traditionally wooden floors were suspended, but today there are many timber products that are manufactured so that they can be laid onto a smooth level screeded concrete surface or even simply glued to the dry screed.

replacing timer floor with concrete diynot forums

are there any reasons not to replace a timer suspended floor with concrete? i like to think i'm a competent diy'er, 2 rooms would be done so probably need 15 ton of hardcore, 3 cubic meters of concrete, the underfloor heating won't be cheap i got 200m of pipe for doing some electrics for a friend , about 8 sheets of 100mm insulation and probably just shy of 2 cubic meters of screed.

building suspended floor screwfix community forum

i want to build an internal suspended wooden floor in my kitchen. i had to dig up existing concrete slab to retain floor levels . it will be supported on joist hangers. there will be air bricks on both sides, and the finished reclaimed boards will be sanded and gap filled. i have two questions i need help with.

repairing and caring for old timber floors homebuilding

but old floors can, of course, also sometimes conceal less delightful surprises. the quick read. old homes may possess timber or solid tiles laid on bare soil, or concrete floors usually a combination of both; a lack of ventilation beneath a timber suspended floor and/or damp can be major causes of problems

replacing wooden floor with concrete diynot forums

replacing wooden floor with concrete. discussion in 'floors, stairs and lofts' started by subzero, joists and fibreboard due to problems with joists rotting caused by inadequate airflow. we want to install a concrete floor as a replacement. replacing suspended ground floor wooden floor with concrete suspended floor.

victorian terrace remove concrete floors or have dpc

victorian terrace remove concrete floors or have dpc injected? ? in my home includes diy moneysaving however the airbricks are no longer effective because there is no suspended floor that allows drafts and there has been concrete laid on the internal floor. it may be worth replacing the concrete floor with another concrete floor

how to replace a concrete floor home guides sf gate

concrete is a very durable building material when building a floor, but years of usage and cracks caused by the ground shifting beneath the floor can leave it in poor condition. eventually, the

replacing suspended ground floor wooden floor with

ideally would like a solid floor all down stairs, don't like the noise of wooden floors. is it possible to replace it with a suspended concreate floor, would this be comparable to a solid concrete floor. can this be retro fitted to a 1970s property. thanks

how to replace a suspended floor with concrete the self

replacing a suspended floor with concrete. there may be several reasons for replacing a suspended floor with concrete. one of the most likely scenarios is when the original floor has suffered from rot or infestation and will have to be replaced.

replacing a wooden floor with concrete digital spy

replacing a wooden floor with concrete. turbovision posts: 522. i am considering removing the wooden floor and replacing it with concrete. will this remove the chiliness i've been getting? and if i go ahead are their likely to be any dbacks apart from the cost of doing it?

replacing a timber floor how to replace floorboards

replacing a timber floor how to replace floorboards and joists. replacing a timber floor. using and working with Seven Trust and softwood flooring, particularly in older houses. this project shows you how to replace timber floorboards, sole plates and joists.

repairing solid floors homebuilding and renovating

in victorian times, suspended timbers tended to be used in most rooms, but rudimentary solid floors were still popular in areas such as kitchens and hallways. however, by the 1930s, solid concrete floors became the norm, right up until the advent of modern beam and block suspended concrete floors in the late 1990s. and this wasnt just the

fixing bouncy floors

the fixes well show work for both solid wood joists and wood i-joists. but there is a catch: for two of the three fixes we show solutions a and b , you need access to the floor joists from below. that means having an unfinished basement, a basement with an easily removed suspended ceiling or an accessible clspace.

suspended concrete garage floor structural-int'l bldg

suspended concrete garage floor structural-int'l bldg and resid'l codes forum do the floor joists under the concrete floor remain to support the floor, and are they sized to carry the dead and live loads, or is the concrete slab spanning from foundation to steel beam to foundations wall, the joists being only form-work which is removed

replacing old unstable wood floor with reinforced concrete

replacing old unstable wood floor with reinforced concrete floor this project is about an old tobacco warehouse converted into a luxury hotel. it is a 1920's multi-storey building with a

concrete floors and replacing a timber floor with concrete

concrete floors are very durable and are relatively maintenance free during their long life. however if there were any problems with the original laying of the base it is possible that, if you have an existing concrete floor, it may need some repair or maintenance after it has been down for a period of time. concrete floor problems

replacing suspended wooden floor with concrete.

the joist ends were rotten so i was for replacing/repairing and keeping the suspended wooden floor. the builder and local building regs inspector both said replace the floor with concrete