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lumber size. with 2×6 posts, the girders and cross-members will need to be larger, otherwise the top of the structure will look undersized and anemic. you also have to consider allowable span, based on the size of the pergola youre building. a 12-foot span is much too long for a 2×6 board, for example.

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footings and posts or anything else in contact with the ground should be durability class 1 or 2 timber, with sapwood removed or treated to h5. timber decking, handrails and pergolas are typically made from durability class 1 or 2 timbers, with sapwood either removed or preservative treated to h3, or softwoods preservative treated to h3.

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pergola beam size / span and post sizes. hi guys, i have existing deck which i want to build a pergola over which will have polycarb roofing on the specs are below fascia/ledger beam 6 meters long 140x45 mgp10 already existing. side beam span is 6 meters longer single span with two posts at each end. rafter span is 1800 meters roof height is

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roof load width rlw the other important consideration in determining timber lengths and sizes of your pergola is the size and weight of the roofing material the timber structure intends to hold up. the size of the roofing material is needed to calculate how much load the roof members and substructure need to support,

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after you have measured up where you would like your pergola to go and find that you need a couple of extra centimetres or so - please email us when you order and we will ensure that your requirements are sent to the mill. there is no extra charge for post lengths up to 2.7mtrs.

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the free pergola plans can be made to any size you wish, and can be modified in several ways to achieve the look you want. however, for a timber pergola, this pergola beam span is too large. you are at severe risk of sagging. think of book shelves. over time, with the weight of books standing on top, they do sag in the middle.

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common timber elements used in residential domestic pergola applications. the sizes of timber are suitable for use with or without a lightweight roof material. maximum roof mass is 10 kg/m2 and timber sizes are adequate for wind speeds up to and including n2. where roof material is placed on the rafter, the rafter must be connected to the verandah beam and ledger and the verandah beam and ledger must be bolted to the post or supporting structure. refer to

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so for this particular pergola we'd need to position posts at 5' in from the outside posts, giving the two 5' spaces and a 10' space in the middle. increase the timber to 2' x 8' and you'd probably get away with having a 4' end space, leaving a 12' centre measurement.

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my post is 100x100 cypress pine and there will be 3 post to support my beam which is 3.25 single span. our beam and rafter size will be 190x45 idiots are fun, that's why there is one in every village

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first, think about your desired post length. pergola post information: pergola post length. we offer posts with standard lengths of 8 feet, 10 feet and 12 feet. when trying to decide the length of pergola posts needed for your wood pergola kit, there are a few things to consider. desired height above ground.

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some of these products come in set lengths and sizes, and others are less predictable. below is a listing of the stock that we carry as of march 2019.these listings are subject to stock movements and supply, so if theres anything in particular youre after its always best to give us a call we can always deliver to you also and save you the effort of coming to pick up your timber

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the timber specifications are dependent on the purpose, size and positioning of the pergola. when designing larger pergolas we recommend using 125 x 125mm posts this allows adequate room for a 50mm notch in the top of the post.