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patio-style pergola approx. 1 4.8m x 190 x 45mm beam 3 2.7m x 90 x 90mm posts 1 4.8m x 140 x 45mm wall plate 6 3.3m x 140 x 45mm rafters 45 x 22mm battens as required apart. verbal quotes are indicative only. written quotes on materials are available upon request from your mitre 10 store.

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maximum purlin spacing should be 750mm and a minimum radius of 6000mm for roma and greca profile and 14000mm for trimdek profile. for walls, nogging spacings should be no more than 1200mm.

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its worth a few minutes of your time to investigate the sight lines from the house, the interior windows, and any other point from which the pergola will be visible. if you can see the top of the pergola from a second-floor window, for example, you may want to route wires or conduit for a ceiling fan so that theyre hidden.

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pergolas. the batten spacing that is, the distance between battens must not exceed the batten height. for a pergola with fixed battens, measure the projection p from the window to the leading edge, that is, the last batten in the series.for a pergola with fixed battens, measure the height g from the head of the window to the leading edge,

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with exact spacing, if the last centre will not fit, an extra batten is added to the end double battens and the last centre is reduced. this ensures centres do not exceed the entered maximum centres. drag the centres slider to see the effect of the end spacing and double end battens.

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to make sure that it doesnt move, use the nail gun to secure the batten in place on a few rafters. pre-drill a hole in the first rafter and secure the batten to it with the batten screws. repeat this process so that the batten is secured to every second rafter. repeat steps 5 and 6 for all of the battens you need to install.

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polycarbonate roofing sheets how to install. first things first: make sure you have all the correct safety equipment. if working high up its best to have a safety harness and a scaffold. always exercise extreme care when walking on a roof; appropriate footwear is also necessary. never walk on or apply your weight directly to sheeting.

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note: the sizes and fixings assume pergolas are either roofed lightweight roofing 10 kg/m3 , or could have a roof installed at some future stage. timber selection pergola and carport framing exposed to the weather, including posts fixed above ground, shall be either preservative treated pine, durability class 1 or 2 hardwood, or cypress.

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step-by-step techniques for building a patio roof, including shade structures, louvered patio roofs, and solid patio roofs. whether an open-style roof is made of thin latticework or substantial beams, construction techniques are similar. some can even be built apart from the structure and then installed.

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rafter span is from ridge to beam. batten spacing for 0.47 corrugated is 1200 internal and 900 at ends of sheets. bracing of the posts is required either by diagonals between the posts or by the footings. for footings the size of the hole and the amount of bulk concrete is determined by the vertical area of the roof and the wind catagory.

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suntuf installation guide and tips. installation of suntuf is easy when you plan the job right just keep our top installation tips in mind before you start to install your new suntuf product. fall, pitch or slope? firstly, fall.