which fence is mine back garden

which garden fence is mine? and which is my neighbours?

how to know which fence is yours? a serious headache, particularly for people who are renting a property in the middle of a terrace, it is important to know which fence you are responsible for, in both your back and front garden. though it may not seem important, it can create a very severe legal

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i was talking with my neighbour and she said she was thinking of repairing the fence that's between her back yard and mine. neither of us knew whose responsibility this is. anybody know how i could and try and find out who owns the fence? those that you have responsibility for will have a 't' marked by the fence in your side of the garden .

which fence is mine?

my other neighbour on the right, not my boundary , insisted that in his deeds that boundary was mine, sepecially when the fence blew down. in the time i was there i replaced and maintained most of the boundaries, putting up exactly what type of fencing that i wanted, nice side to me, all by agreement with the neighbours.

am i legally required to face the smoothe side of my fence

depends i am a bulder and my nhbour told me the same just to piss him off still put the nice side on my side. now when you looking at your garden your back to the house left side in your baundry and right is your neighbours. on the left you have to let the neighbour to have the smooth side of the fence, and your neighbour on your right has to do the same.

which fence is mine in the back garden? yahoo answers

if the fence is already up and the batens are on your side.i`ts your`s.if you put up the fence ,it`s your`s.if your still confused look down your garden from the back of your house,the fence on your left is your`s.

as i look out of my back door .

which side of fencing belongs to me? right or left please?found neighbours dog in garden this morning and the fence is badly broken and i doubt anyone would want to repair or replace fence because of this but i dont want to be paying out for a fence if it isnt mine. quote as i look out of my back door the fence on the right hand side

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my neighbour's fence makes my garden very dark beacuse his fence is high and his garden is on higher land than mine. if your neighbour's fence is within the height limits set by your local authority, when measured from the ground on which it stands not from the level of the ground on your side of the fence then there is nothing that you can do about it.

which garden fence am i responsible for?

there are various notions that the way a wall or fence is constructed indicates ownership, for example that the posts and arris rails of a fence are on the owners side. there is, however, no legal foundation for such beliefs. deeds may contain covenants to maintain a wall or fence but on their own,

which fence is mine?

welcome to the mse forums. looking at the property from the direction of the road, it's the fence on the left-hand side. when i moved in, the previous occupant said that the left-hand side was mine. however, looking through the seller's information, it would appear that this may not be the case.

which side of the fence do i own? texas fence

your guide to sharing a fence one of the most frequently asked questions we get from homeowners who want to buy a new fence that borders their neighbors property is, which side of the fence do i own?. understandably, those who are about to invest in a new fence are concerned about how to get

fence etiquette: who gets the good side?

fences are not maintained from the backside. the good side of the fence goes to where you have access to maintain it. if the fence is a dividing fence, that divides your backyard from your neighbors back yard, the good side of the fence should be facing your yard.

which fence is mine and can i replace even if

re: which fence is mine and can i replace even if not mine? post by pilman sat feb 25, 2012 6:47 pm if you contact the owner of the neighbouring property and say that you want to replace the fence at your own cost, i cannot imagine that there will not be a positive repsonse.

whose fence is it anyway?

sorry the person responsible for the fence is the person that owns the fence. typically, a person who has responsibility for a boundary, would normally erect a fence, wall, hedgerow etc. however, it may well be that an adjacent land owner erected a fence on their land but adjacent to your boundary.

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two fence panels have blown down in our garden between us and a neighbouring house, the neighbouring house is a rental and between tenants so there's no one living there. on the deeds it denotes responsibility by a 't' but only on the side of our house that's on the road side all the other boundaries have no markings.

which side of the boundary is mine? cjhh solicitors

there is no general rule about whether you are responsible for the boundary fence on the left or right or rear of the property. if your property is registered at the land registry you can obtain what is called an office copy comprising a title plan and register details. you can also obtain co

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garden boundary is a strht line, but in most cases it is. once you have established the boundary line, it should be possible to work out whether the fence or other feature you are interested in falls inside or outside your land.

fence ownership: who owns that garden fence?

hi, two years ago my previous neighbour removed their garage adjacent to mine and erected a fence on the boundary line between my garage and their garden.the new neighbour wants a new fence there and wants me to pay for it. i think they bought the house like that and why should i pay the full cost.

which fence is mine and can i replace even if

have recently moved into a house with a rather delapidated fence on the right hand side. the house to the right is rented out and in pretty bad condition generally, and i would quite like to replace this fence.

which side of the fence am i responsible for?

common garden fence problems and who is responsible for them. probably the most common garden fence problem is deciding who is responsible for repairs and maintenance. as mentioned earlier, talking to your neighbour and coming to a mutual conclusion can solve most issues.

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i was asking this question to a friend of mine who worked for the council whoes side is 'your' side when putting up a fence. she said that it is the left side when coming out of your front door the same as when coming out of your back door. but i put both sides up with a fence in the back and front garden. i only paint the fence inside to me.

left or right: which fence side is my responsibility

garden fence law which fence is mine? most likely, due to the precedent-based legal system in the uk , there isnt a strict law regarding the boundary between two properties, be it a fence or a hedge, in terms of whose responsibility it is to install, repair or maintain it.

which side of the fence is mine?

but as always, it's worth just clearing these things with them beforehand.how high should my fence be?generally, your rear garden fences are allowed to be up to two metres high and one metre on front fences. fence heights are, however, a matter of planning policy. which side of the fence is mine? recent posts how to landscape your garden

boundaries, whos side is whos??

you can buy these on the internet if you like, see land reg .org the ownership of the fence/wall party wall will generally be marked with a t. this could be on the left or the right or indeed towards any fence front or back. the t, whos fence it is will be marked on plan and shown inside your boundary.

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which side of fence is mine? answer save. 12 answers. relevance. on thin ice. lv 5. 1 decade ago. if you mean what fence is yours,it is the one on the left if you are looking up your back garden from your house or the one on the right at the front of your house. 0 0 2. jackyblu. lv 4. 1 decade ago.

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well mines the left if you stand to the front of the house - although my neighbour to my right thinks that fence is mine too. i have a copy of the deeds though, which clearly shows the boundaries to my property for which i am responsible for. you can find the info out through the land registry

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the 'edge' fences are owned by my neighbours even though the fence posts of one are on my side , so i am only responsible for the one at the bottom of my garden. 20:16 mon 02nd dec 2002 couchy

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if that boundary is made up of fences provided by the houses on your street, then they probably belong to those houses. the design of fences is another clue. most people erect the posts first, and then attach the boarding or wires to their side. it is also worth asking people.

a guide to garden fence and boundary ownership

boundary dispute resolution. in situations where you must erect a garden fence at your backyard, you may incur the cost of installing and maintaining the garden fence. if you own property in london, you must be informed about and policies, rules and regulations relating to owning a property in london.