what to use over floor in boat

foam for a boat?

open any boat up after 10 years of use and youll find a lot of water regardless of manufacture closed cell foam wont permeate ambient air/moisture as it is designed for. when saturated for long periods of time in water, it permeates water and becomes water logged.

boat deck mats rubber-cal rubber mats and flooring

normally, these outside surfaces tend to be made of wood, although some are known to use metal flooring. these are vulnerable to the elements. wood, in particular, can be damaged by both prolonged exposure to sunlight and by corrosive salt water. having a rubber boat floor covering in place will help guard wooden surfaces against environmental damage.

marine plywood

the boat is currently a ghostly empty shell with nothing but a loose bmc 1.5 engine. with help, the engine has now been moved to the back of the boat in preparation for the rebuild of the boats interior. although its a fibreglass boat, it will still require a plywood floor that will need to be reinforced with fibreglass matting. this is to protect it against the elements and to also form a waterproof structural bond to the hull of the boat.

what kind of fiberglass/epoxy to use? boat design net

i am building a new deck for the boat, i built all the floor trusses and supports out of presure treated lumber. i am going to use 3/4 ' marine plywood for the deck material. i want to fiberglass the top of the deck but do not know which type of fiberglass matting to use.

the best type of paint to use on your boat floor

there are two types of paint you can use on the boat floor. both are plastic based, or polymers. with one, exposure to the air is the drying agent. the other uses heat as well as air in the drying process. both will adhere to the materials used in boat floors.

replacing the wood in the floors of my boat

peeled off all the old carpeting on my boat, and realized most of the wood in the back half of my boat is pretty rotted. my question is, is there a specific type of wood that i am supposed to use to make the floor of the boat. it looks like it was really thick plywood, but that wouldnt seem right. any advice would help.

what type of wood to use for deck on aluminum jon boat

what type of wood to use for deck on aluminum jon boat discussion in 'boat repair help i would redo and redo that i should have just used aluminum for in the first place. i would use aluminum sheeting over plywood any day. once you are done it will last as long as the boat put one in the bottom of my jon makes a great flooring going to

how to fiberglass over plywood boatworks today

how to fiberglass over plywood. 0 shares share. 0 . 15; body filler under the gelcoat was torn off the fibreglass by the flexing of the boat, leading to leaks of course i sure do appreciate how youve formatted your tutorials and how you speak in plain english. its refreshing to actually see someone present so clearly

plywood for boat flooring??? michigan sportsman

i have a couple questions about what wood too choose.. like i stated i have a 1980 18.5 sylvan fishing bout that was inherited from my grandpa and it doesnt have whole lot of use mileage outta it.. but the floor is rotten due too being stored outside and had went through a couple boat covers but anywho . i know theres a few different opinions on what board too use and weather too resin it or

protecting plywood with polyester resin boat design net

if a small trailer boat is kept covered and dry, then even a bare plywood floor wood last for a few years, add some good paint and it will last a little longer. if there are unsealed holes or screws in the plywood then it makes no difference what you use, the water will get in and rot the wood.

spring project: time to re-do your boat floor?

the carpet will come in a 20-ounce or 40-ounce weight. most fishing boats are the 20-ounce material, which is thinner. if you use the 40-ounce you may have issues with your hatches closing or any panels fitting properly. 9. start by gluing the center 1- to 2-square foot of the carpet down and then roll the carpet out to dry fit it again.

resins, resins, everywhere, but which one to use?

half the battle in repairing your fiberglass boat is knowing which resin is the best to use for your particular application. back then in the early 1970s , boaters had pretty much one resin to choose from when it came to boat repairs: polyester resin. today, those choices have become a bit more confusing.

foam for a boat?

stu has it right. yes, you need the foam if you want to boat to float as intended when swamped and you must use closed cell foam so it wont absorb water. whatever you do, do not use consumer spray foam designed for sealing air gaps around the house. most of these foams are not closed-cell and therefore will absorb water like a sponge.

soft floor

currently i have an old 22' center console bay boat with a fiberglass over plywood floor that is cracking and has soft spots. this boat doesn't have much if any value. but it does have a good hull and runs great. boat floor is fiberglass and front and rear decks are carpeted over fiberglass.

new stringers and floor question on fiberglass resins

use an epoxy resisn and 3-6' fiberglass tape to secure the flooring to sides of hull. 6. use epxoy resisn and fiberglass top side of flooring with 1.5 oz. fiberglass mat 1-2 layers . or 5. use fiberglass resisn instead of epoxy. 6. use fiberglass resisn and fiberglass mat.

sealing new boat floor

so i rebuild boats and have replaced sections of flooring before but this one i chose to rip the entire floor out and remove all the foam what a pain that was anyway this weekend i am going to put in the new floor, marine plywood, and drill and pour the new foam. with that said when i am done w

how to gelcoat a boat floor gone outdoors your

how to gelcoat a boat floor. mix together enough gelcoat to cover a 1- or 2-square-foot area at a time. measure the suggested amount of color tint from the color chart so that the gel will match the color of the rest of the inside of the boat hull. add color tint drop by drop according to manufacturer's directions.

boat floor covering self-draining anti-slip flooring for

boat floor covering that installs over existing boat floors to provide a safe, antibacterial surface. use over fiberglass, plywood or any existing flooring.

marine and boat flooring better life technology

protect your boat deck from wood rot and more with slip resistant, durable, polyvinyl aquatread boat flooring. available in a variety of patterns and colors, customized to fit any interior, our flooring provides uv resistance for long-term color retention. our boat flooring will hold its quality for years to come.

how to repair a damaged floor in a boat sportsrec

use the cordless drill and start stainless steel wood screws in the pilot holes on the floor. apply marine adhesive to the face of a 4 inch wide piece. hold the piece in place against the underside of the boat floor so that it spans the length of one side of the opening with 2 inches of the long edge exposed.

floor replacement question

since the floor around my ski locker is slightly weak i believe i will replace the floor over the winter or possibly in the early spring. im thinking about using an outdoor grade of pressure treated plywood. guessing i need 3/4 not sure if they even make 1also thinking about applying fiberglass o