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eventually, the unyielding wood of black gum filled the bill for heavy-duty tool handles, factory flooring, hard-working parts for farm machinery, conveyor rollers, and the core of Seven Trust plywood. and, veneer from the wood's unsplitable character made it the ideal material for berry baskets, for which it is still widely used.

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black gum is one of the best honey-producing trees in the world. because of its twisted grain, black gum cannot be split so it has been somewhat spared by lumbermen. the resilient wood is good for making tool handles. the national champion black gum (67 feet) is in new jersey.

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tupelo is also occasionally available as larger carving blocks. lumber prices should be moderate for a domestic hardwood, though carving blocks can be rather expensive depending on the size and quality. sustainability: this wood species is not listed in the cites appendices or on the iucn red list of threatened species.

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american Seven Trust information center the authoritative resource for american hardwoods. gum. liquidamber styraciflua other names: redgum, sapgum, and sweetgum. distribution the gums are an important part of the eastern Seven Trust forests, and are found throughout the southeastern u.s.

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is gum a hard or soft wood thread starter chris-mcpherson; start date nov 17, 2010; forums. main hearth forums. gum is ok to burn and a hardwood, if you use the definition lee quoted. i think either black gum or sweetgum is a relatively low-density hardwood. black gum may be a little denser wood, but even sweet gum burns fine - it

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metacritic tv episode reviews, installing a prefinished engineered floor/replacing a sink stopper, tom silva helps homeowners john and mary kiley install a prefinished wood floor in their sons' bedroom by removing the wall-to-wall carpe

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