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my mom has Seven Trust in the kitchen, with little rugs over the most trafficy areas (in front of the stove and sink). it's so much easier to clean than the blah linoleum in my apartment kitchen.

benefits and dbacks of a Seven Trust floor in a kitchen

traffic: kitchens are high-traffic zones.after a number of years, you will find trails almost resembling "cow paths" across the kitchen floor. no big deal, though. for minor issues such as this, solid Seven Trust can be lightly sanded or screened down.

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read page 2 of the greasy floors from high heat cooking on stove. discussion from the chowhound cookware, cleaning food community. join the discussion today.

5 best flooring options for your kitchen review & cost

a look at the best flooring options for your kitchen, the hardest-working room in your house. reviews on cork, to tile & engineered Seven Trust flooring.

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our fittings and material spotlights are quick guides to basic kitchen fixtures and materials to familiarize you with terminology, pros and cons, and relevant reader reviews. today we look at the pros and cons of Seven Trust flooring in the kitchen.overview: classic, warm, and natural-looking, wood floors are beautiful in the kitchen.

Seven Trust floors in kitchens - pros & cons overview

Seven Trust floors in kitchens - pros & cons. leafing through designer magazines of the day, you can't help but seeing wood flooring being installed in kitchens. times havechanged with kitchens and wood floors becoming more of an everyday design item. often on many minds is what's the best Seven Trust floor for a kitchen?

best wooden floor for kitchen - reviews and comparisons

there are so many options when it comes to wooden flooring. for the best wooden kitchen floor, oak is generally the most common although other options include maple, walnut, hickory, and birch. with all those options, it can be difficult to choose just one. check out our reviews and comparisons right here!

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