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do i have to put up drywall first before i put paneling on

do i have to put up drywall first before i put paneling on my walls in the basement? we have built walls in the basement and put plastic behind the walls coming from the concrete wall. do we still need to put up drywall before putting up the paneling?

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the second use of wood is as a covering for another wall type. you may purchase panels or individual boards, cover the wall or only a portion for contrast, and even create a faux-tudor appearance with a little planning. alternatives to drywall ceilings. drywall brings a whole new group of problems when used for ceilings.

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we came up with the 4 factors to consider when youre debating tongue and groove over drywall. factor 1: gravity it happens . structures made of wood are not immune to gravity, and gravity poses a couple challenges for modular cabin construction. installation and settling are major concerns with in modular homes finished with drywall. we

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it's a classic method that involves putting up hundreds of horizontal wooden slats called lath and then squeezing the plaster in-between the slats. compare to drywall, this method is much more labor-intensive and time-consuming to set up but the method does offer some long-term benefits.

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lath and plaster is a building process used to finish mainly interior dividing walls and ceilings. it consists of narrow strips of wood which are nailed horizontally across the wall studs or ceiling joists and then coated in plaster. the technique derives from an earlier, more primitive, process called wattle and daub.

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sharetweetpin7sharessince the 1950s or 1960s, most homes built have the interior walls covered with drywall, more correctly known as gypsum board. this relatively inexpensive engineered material was developed as a replacement to plaster and lath walls. it provides a smooth, paintable wall for a fraction of the effort of plaster and lath and once properly

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gluing wood to painted drywall? i'm making an accent wall behind my tv by gluing some wood on the wall, but i want to make sure i choose the right glue and 'clamp' it correctly. i realize i can't clamp the wall so i just want to know the best way to secure it while it dries. i found posts covering this exact topic, but a clear, consistent

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drywall is attached to the studs only and the back side will often be a brown paper. plaster walls will have horizontal wood slats behind the plaster and will often be thicker than 1/2' 13 mm . masonry is hard and should be obvious.

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regular drywall is a huge 'no-no' material for the wall behind your wood stove because it lacks sufficient fire-retardant properties. most wood stove fires are caused because combustible materials are placed too close to a hot stove.

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tips for hanging drywall over old walls one of the fastest ways to cover old, damaged, or cracked plaster walls is to hang drywall over them. using 1/4-inch sheets, you can cover old imperfections without adding too much additional finish work. but before you decide to go buy a stack of drywall, let's take a little closer look at a few of

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my new drywall patch is thinner than the old one? why? ask question i purchased two large sheets of drywall for my garage ceiling and to patch some large holes on the wall. i installed wood strips to support the drywall patch. is to mend the patch to the exiting drywall by screwing wooden slats around the edges of the existing drywall

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use a saw and miter box to cut the slats or sheets if needed to resize them properly. as an option, you can get a framed base to place the slats or sheets into. the other materials needed are a measuring tape, screwdriver, construction adhesive material, electric drill, leveler, drywall screws, and a glue gun.

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lath and plaster used to be a more time consuming wall surface to install, however, over time, the system has evolved and is now a quicker and easier form of wall to install, and makes a nice alternative to drywall. the system requires running wooden slats horizontally across the area, called lath, and it creates a backbone for the wall structure.

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jan 9, 2018- explore jordondstockton's board 'alternatives to drywall' on pinterest. see more ideas about alternatives to drywall, drywall and plywood walls.

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i was just noticing on flip it shows where you fix up homes and resell them, that many old houses have vertical slats of wood behind the drywall. what are those wood pieces or slats of wood called? thanks so much.

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behind the plaster walls are narrow strips of wood called lath. how to remove plaster from walls to convert to drywall. december 10 . how to remove plaster from walls to convert to drywall

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what is drywall? known variously as plasterboard, gypsum board, sheetrock a trade name , rock, or wallboard, drywall is a uniform panel of gypsum plaster pressed between thick sheets of paper.it isnt as old as plaster, but drywall has a surprisingly long history, with early forms dating back to the late 19th century.

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wood walls vs drywall. alright guys talk to me about wood walls. i saw something that listed alternatives to drywall which i hate and i saw wood and priced it out and it seems like it is cheaper. i do not see any air that is able to travel between the panels of wood being a big concern as the wall behind it is sealed off.

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5 worst mistakes of historic homeowners part 4 plaster by scott sidler january 2, 2012 thicker walls mean double the r-value of ordinary drywall. wood lath serves to strengthen the wall by adding additional racking resistance. this would be less expensive then two sheets of drywall. any thoughts or other ideas on how to do it

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drywall screws are available in sizes 6 to 10, with the size indicating threads/per inch. the length of the drywall screw suitable for a particular job depends on the thickness of the drywall. for hanging 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch thick drywall on wood studs, 1-1/4-inch long, 6 coarse thread drywall screws would work well.

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the fasteners holding the boards must be long enough to penetrate the wood behind it, but if you use furring strips, they shouldn't penetrate more than 1/2 inch into the drywall, or they could

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beadboard wainscot installed over drywall creates an aesthetically pleasing, traditional look in whatever room you decide to incorporate it. wainscoting is a decorative effect in which the bottom 4 or 5 feet of a wall are covered with some type of patterned wood with a baseboard finishing the bottom and a cap on the top.

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drywall alternatives to choose from. by lee wallender. wahoo wall panels are considered a thermal break. a sheet of 1/2' thick drywall offers a measly 0.45 r-value. by contrast, each 4' thick wahoo wall panel has a total r-value of 13. horizontal slats of wood called lath and then tling on wet plaster and squeezing it between the

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inexpensive diy wood slat ceiling. so when we replaced the drywall that had been removed, the new drywall was slightly thinner than the old stuff. i have all the tools but dont have a set up to cut 4 x 8 sheets of ply wood. i have other priorities since buying a foreclosed home and needing to do a lot of work on it. i knew it

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find wood studs behind drywall techjoeno1. loading unsubscribe from techjoeno1? drywall finishing tips and tricks that you don't know about - duration: 10:32.

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can i finish a room's walls and ceiling by first sealing the walls with 1/2 plywood and then 1/2 drywall? i mean i know i physically can accomplish it, but i'm askign if this might create problems? a friend mentioned to me that i'd be better doing two layers of 1/2 drywall, since putting ply behind dry may prevent proper humidity transfer, etc.

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inexpensive diy wood slat walls. turned out that it was easier to line up the corner with a thin shim behind one of the wall studs so i just used an extra piece of the 1/4 plywood and nailed the slats right to the shim and into the stud at that corner. you should have installed a sheet of drywall. i applaud your efforts in doing home