can you use laminate on boat floors

can vinyl flooring be used on a boat - best laminate

can i use vinyl flooring on my boat? we are getting this question from time to time. if you are looking for the perfect floor to spruce up your boat and you want to give it a classic and inexpensive look vinyl is a great choice. vinyl plank flooring is 100% waterproof and will be safe to use on a boat. it can be used inside as well as outside.

houseboat flooring choices - are laminate floors a good

as an award winning contractor, let me speak against laminate flooring. don't do it. if there is a fire, this stuff will burn like gasoline and kill your family with the toxic fumes from the burning plastic. for not much more money, you can put down Seven Trust engineered floors that are glued down and won't swell.

laminate floors and heavy appliances - not about food

generally, in areas where you can't see the floor like under the stove and under the dish washer, you can put in plywood of the same thickness as the laminate. this is a money saving tip contractors would suggest. but i did have the laminate put under my stove anyway, and of course under the refrigerator.

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flooring choices to use on interior houseboat floors

you will most likely be using something different for each unique area. the choices that you have for flooring can be materials like: simple glue on tiles, linoleum, parquet flooring, wood strips, floating floors, industrial rubber tiles, ceramic tiles, and all the various carpeting commonly available.

how to clean laminate flooring 2019 updated tips

a 2019 updated guide for the best ways to clean laminate flooring. maintenance & care tips, as well as vacuum, steaming & cleaner recommendations. learn to properly maintain your new laminate flooring & get the most use out of your investment.

can vinyl flooring be used on a boat? - best laminate

meaning, you can install vinyl flooring in the cabin, but you should not install it on the deck. since luxury vinyl plank flooring is fully water resistant, it is the ideal solution for a boat where moisture is a major issue. in addition, vinyl plank flooring is reusable so if you decide to remodel your boat or get a new one, you can take apart