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a- if you decide to try find him first stock up your ship ready for war and with atleast 15 days food. first jump in your ship but do not go to the world map!! use the quick sail mode to sail to his boat.. the boats name should be written in your log.

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sailing ship decks. weather decks are upper decks having no overhead protection from the weather, but sheltering the deck below.. poop deck, the deck forming the roof of a poop or poop cabin

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cutty sark. after travelling the world, the cutty sark is just just a short ride from central london. for the full story behind this tour, check out cutty sark: a tour of 147 years of sailing history.

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getaway guide to maritime museums near and far aircraft on the flight and hangar decks. the ship and pier complex displays a space shuttle and one of the supersonic concordes that rocketed

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age of sail ii review despite the very solid design and some outstanding features and gameplay elements, you might be very frustrated with age of sail ii because of all its technical problems.

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for centuries, sailing ships used deck prisms to provide a safe source of natural sunlight to illuminate areas below decks.before electricity, light below a vessel's deck was provided by candles, oil and kerosene lamps—all dangerous aboard a wooden ship. the deck prism laid flush into the deck, the glass prism refracted and dispersed natural light into the space below from a small deck

10 types of decks every seafarer should know

a normal ship consists of different types of decks for different purposes. each of this deck has its own important and every seafarer should be acquitted with these decks and their locations on ships. here are then important decks that every sailor should know.

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three decks features detailed information on vessels, crew, shipyards, dockyards, naval actions, geographical locations and much, much more including background details on the ranks, appointments and the nations involved. even the national maritime museum links to us (very proud of that one).

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lower deck: (a) the deck immediately over the hold, orig. only of a ship with two decks. (b) synonym for berth deck. (c) alternative name for a secondary gun deck; main deck: the principal deck of a vessel; in some ships the highest deck of the hull, usually but not always the weather deck; in sailing warships often a deck under the upper deck.