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how to transplant a plant. transplanting is an important part of plant care. whether you need to move the plant into a bigger pot or outdoors, it is important that you do it right. how you take care of the plant before transplanting is

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alternatively, you can wrap the flowers to keep them moist. to do this, youll want to wrap a bunch of the flowers stems with rubber bands. then, soak cotton wool in cool water and wrap the flowers and cotton wool in plastic bags to keep them secure. place the flowers flat in a box to stop them from rolling around.

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cover a box in aluminum foil. procure a cardboard or plastic box to hold your ice. the size of the box will depend on the amount of ice you need to transport. cover all sides of the box, including the lid, with aluminum foil. have the shiny side of the aluminum foil facing away from the box, as it will reflect more light than the dull side.

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if you're looking for boxes look for floral delivery boxes. they have graduated holes in the top of the box to help support the vase of flowers. it works really well to transport cupcake bouquets too

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packing and securing the cake. bring these boxes back with you, as they can be re-used use good quality thick cake boards of the exact size of the cake box, this will stop the cake moving in the box during transportation. remove any toppers, sugar flowers, etc. and place them in a separate box for transportation.

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the best method of transport is a covered van. smaller plants can be cooked in automobiles or suv's, even with the air conditioner running. sunshine through the vehicle window can be intense. provide shade from direct sun with paper or cover with a cardboard box. car trunks are not the solution either.

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place the divider inside of box with the flower pot at the bottom. add bubble paper or packing peanuts inside of the box to fill any remaining space and add extra protection. close the box and secure it with packing tape. address it appropriately to the recipient. ship it overnight for fast delivery.

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transporting cake pops. i wrap each of mine individually and then choose a container like a flower pot or chinese take out box, something to go with the holiday or theme. you can get a ton of cute things at the dollar store and just add that to the price of the order. i found the cutest little teacup pots for $1 each and can't wait for mother's day,

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for a floral arrangement in a vase. 1. choose the floor: although you may want to keep your floral arrangement next to you thinking that you can keep a better eye on it, placing a vase on a surface that isnt necessarily flat could be an invitation for trouble. therefore, you may want to choose the floor instead.

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how to transport a mattress safely on top of any car or suv - duration: bed in a box secrets - duration: 2:13. mattress clarity 91,871 how to move a mattress the easy way

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vehicle transport means moving vehicles by means of large trucks. when your family is relocating to another state, you need to move your vehicle also. if you are moving across country, over a long

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double packing the wreath box inside a larger shipping box is the best way to go as it provides ultimate protection and safety during shipping. here are some helpful tips on how to ship wreaths: get an appropriately-sized wreath box from a home supply or decorating store.

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packing and shipping your bouquet. now, remove the flowers from the fridge and place it in that nest, with the front of the bouquet facing up. fill the box to the top with the remainder of packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper, making sure you fill the sides of the box with packing material as well.

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video of the day. set the wedding bouquet into a container with 2 to 3 inches of water to promote freshness. spray it with floral sealant for an optional boost. wrap a section or the entire length of the stems with ribbon a few hours before the wedding. secure the ribbon end in place with hot glue or corsage pins.

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when leaves and foliage touch the water and start to deteriorate they release bacteria that will clog the stems of the flowers. in order to give the flowers a long vase life, make sure all leaves and foliage are not in the water. 4. change the water. the water needs to be changed with each time you cut the stems.

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if you've hired a florist, they should be responsible for getting arrangements to the venuethis is a delivery charge you're smart to pony up for. most floral designers have their own methods for transporting arrangements and the giant van to do so with ease and they can vary based on the arrangement type and the materials used.

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glide the blade portion of the appliance dolly underneath the flower pot. make sure that you avoid doing this at a spot where you notice damage to the pot. secure the nylon strap around the pot and slowly move the dolly to the truck. walk up the ramp and stand up the potted plant on the transport blanket.

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how to use a box to safely transport flower arrangements. place the flower arrangement you need to transport on top of the box, and mark a box around the bottom, so that it will fit snugly. cut the opening with a floral knife, xacto knife or box cutter and remove the excess cardboard. place the arrangement in the opening.

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well also talk about how to transport flower arrangements 1. get your flowers out of the box and into water. when your boxes arrive, it is important that you get your flowers in water as quickly as possible. open your boxes and remove any protective packaging, such as foam or paper, and cut any straps inside the box.

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flower arrangements are the perfect way to freshen up your space and add a pop of color to the room. learning to arrange flowers is a fun way to add personality and artistic vision to your home. to help you understand the fundamentals, were showing you a simple step-by-step guide for how to arrange flowers.

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you can also just roll the plant in some newspaper to protect the tops and stems. packing the plant. choose a box sturdy enough to handle rough treatment when mailing garden plants. boxes literally get kicked and thrown and dropped. you need your plant to arrive in one piece, so pick a box that can take a licking.

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keep the box top on and cut out holes in the top spaced apart according to how wide your design is. if it is a cylinder, use a box cutter to cut out an asterisk shaped pattern, then just push the container down into it. it holds great. you can usually get 5 centerpieces per box and they just slide right into the back easily.

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use water-filled buckets. place the cut flowers upright in the buckets. if your journey will take more than two hours, trim off the bottom 2 inches of the flowers' stems before placing them in the water-filled buckets, so they can drink during transport. distribute the flowers among the buckets according to height and type.

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i like to use all these , just depends on what i am doing. i have never tried the excelsior but we do use a natural dried product called angel vine that works great for a grid. it does have the rustic look which doesnt work for everyone. dont forget the option of covering up the grid with a aspidistra leaf or tea wrapped inside vase before you put in your grid,keeps it clean looking..

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in the morning, take a sharp, clean cut on an area of the flower or bush you want to take. select healthy growth thats 3-6 inches long. to take the cutting with you, keep the end moist by wrapping it in wet paper towels. secure the paper towels with rubber bands or ties and keep the cutting in a plastic stem holder like what a bouquet comes in .

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flowers inside the box. choose corrugated shipping cartons constructed with moisture-resistant adhesive, because when the box is precooled, temperature and humidity can weaken it. we recommend that you use tape to secure the box. straps can be used, but they tend to loosen during shipment and may compromise the closure of the box. do

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dont let them lean over and press against any part of the car. if you are driving alone, slide the front passenger seat all the way back to make room on the floor in the front of your car. that way you can also keep an eye on your flowers as you drive. remember not to let the heater blow directly on your flowers and dont make your car too hot.

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pick your flowers early on the same day that you plan to ship them. choose flowers that are just barely open or still in bud. many flowers, including lilies, gladiolus, narcissus and tulips, will open up after they are picked. if necessary, immediately place the flowers in water in a cool, dark place, while you prepare the shipping box.