allowed height of pergola

legal height for garden pergola/arbour

we've heard there is a legal height for fences in a garden. we're thinking of buying some wood and making our own pergola to trail privacy plants up. we'd like to make it as tall as between 2 or 2.5 metres. it will be placed only on our patio area only which is around 2 - 3 metres wide so not the whole length of the garden.

legal height for pergola

so, if we wanted to build this pergola to be 2.5m tall, would that be acceptable and is that the maximum we'd be allowed? or would it be looked on as a fence that's over 2m and get us in trouble? it would be free standing, we thought we'd concrete the posts into the soil.

allowed height of pergola

allowed height of pergola - pergolas, patios and minor structures - city of cockburn find out if you need a building permit for a new patio, pergola, shade sail, shed or pergola that is more than 20m2 in area and/or is more than 2.4m in height.


total volume of build 70 cubic metres for a semi or detached and 50 cubic metres for a terraced. on the matter of the pergola. if it is erected more than 5 metres from the dwelling it will not require planning permission if it is less than 3 metres in height which they normally are. hope that was of help.

pergola height and interest in the garden

the pergola height was instrumental in achieving this transformation. in fact, it was the garden shown at the top of the page. there were many other interesting features in this garden, but it was the addition of height that had the most impact. a garden under construction.

pergola height restriction? gta

pergola height restriction? gta i believe the 6' reference has to do with the maximum allowed height of a fence or visual barrier at the property line. is your deck abutting the property line? a pergola is usually not a structural element, so why not do it after the code required elements of the deck are completed and inspected?

allowed height of pergola

building a carport pergola garden shed shade sail or garagecarport pergola shed shade sail garage or similar structure. by-laws covering these structures pergolas and shade sails. a pergola is classed as an ornamental and horticultural structure without enclosed walls or an impervious roof and is not to be more than. 2.4m in height at the boundary. pergolas and shade sails must not be located closer than 1.5m from the boundary as per no window or door openings permitted on the side