how to put shade cloth on pergola

add a pergola cover for extra protection family handyman

of course, you cant just throw a piece of cloth over the pergola. you need a way to secure it, and if you live in a snowy climate, a way to easily remove it for the winter. one obvious method is to put grommets around the perimeter and tie the cover on with cord or rope.

cheap ways to cover a pergola

roller shades. you can create a simple covering by attaching shade fabric or roller shades to your pergola with a staple gun. if you choose window roller shades, choose those made of thick fabric. measure the space that you need to cover to determine the number of roller shades or yardage of shade fabric to purchase.

how to cover a pergola for shade and skin safety

how to cover a pergola with shade cloth. starting on one of the long sides, begin attaching the pergola shade cover to the top of the pergola, using broad head galvanized nails, wood screws with large washers, construction staples 9/16 ideally , etc. or any other exterior fastener you like.

diy guide: how to install shade fabric coolaroo

installing your new coolaroo outdoor fabric is as easy as following these 8 simple steps. getting started. this handy guide will help you install your coolaroo shade cloth fabric onto a structure. if you need help on building a structure for your shade fabric, then you should check out this handy guide: how to build a patio style pergola or sundeck.

how to sew shade cloth hunker

once you've measured and plotted the space you plan to cover, gather poles, eyelets or other hardware and your shade cloth. cut the shape you intend to use at least 6 inches extra in all directions to give you some space for basting and overlapping. bind up your edges and carefully sew your shade cloth in the form you cut out.

the easy diy guide to shade cloth installation

unroll the shade cloth across the structure you wish to cover, and pull it loosely into position. leave 8 to12 inches or more of overhang on all sides. attach the shade fabric to one of the longest sides of the structure first using your chosen hardware. start at one end and pull with medium pressure as you move along the edge.