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proper way to anchor/frame a deck on a flat rubber roof

re: proper way to anchor/frame a deck on a flat rubber roof the walkway is l shaped and about 40' wide. one section is 12' and the other is 10'. i bolted them together with 1/2'x4' carriage bolts. to move you have to unscrew two pieces of decking and unbolt. each section can be moved separately.

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installing a roof deck. another layer of solution is then applied on top of the new layer, and an aggregate material - such as crushed gravel, ceramic, or acrylic - is spread over the entire surface. the raised, gritty finish of the embedded minerals provides a protective surface for the underlying membranes.

how to build a deck on a roof today's homeowner

roof deck topics covered include: deck joists: notching posts to fit deck band joists for added support. composite decking: installing tongue and groove composite decking with hidden fasteners. composite railings: assembling and installing composite handrails and balusters.

a guide to three popular mobile home roof over materials

metal roof overs can be installed over most mobile home roofs . keep in mind, however, that the insulating layer of a metal roof does increase the thickness of the roof by several inches, which in turn, will increase the height of your mobile home.

how to know if your roof can support a deck home guides

to safely install a roof deck, the roof needs to be able to support about 55 pounds of weight per square foot in general. however, this calculation can vary depending upon what you plan on using the deck for.

how to build a tin roof over a deck hunker

how to build a tin roof over a deck step 1. measure the porch to find the best length and width for a tin porch roof. step 2. mark the porch with a line parallel to the edge farthest from the house. step 3. mark two 144-by-6-by-1-inch pine boards with 5 lines along one 6-inch broad side,

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as rail posts. the roof sheathing is 34-in. cdx plywood, glued and screwed to the framing. to create a smooth surface and to protect the bottom of the rubber roofing from any fasteners or rough edges on the plywood, i installed 12-in. fiber roof underlayment as a final substrate. each board is

what will it cost to build a roof over your deck - answers

it all depends on the type of existing roofing that is going to be demolished and the replacment with a deck. if the roof is flat it is cheaper but if the roof has a slope then a whole new flat

over-roofing don't do stupid things building science

bsi-063: over-roofingdon't do stupid things. this allows the new roof membrane installed on the original roof deck to run down and catch the wall water control and air control layer. original dentil molding and frieze board are left in place. new cellular pvc fascia, crown molding and soffit installed.

how to install metal roof metal roof installation

how to install metal roof - standing seam specs standing seam metal roofs are made from sheet metal roof panels joined and attached to the roof decking with hidden fasteners. panels are typically 12, 16, or 19 inches wide and are made from copper, aluminum, or galvanized steel.

building a floating deck on an epdm rubber roof surface

decking on epdm. thanks for the info. i am in the same situation with a deck over an enclosed pool. the only thing is that my deck is about 1200 square feet over epdm. unfortunately we don't have great slope on the surface. from the house to the edge of the deck is about 28 feet and about 52 feet across.

can i install a new roof over my old - lindus construction

when a home receives this classification, it is illegal to install a new asphalt roof over an existing one. check your local ordinances to see whether this is even a possibility before moving forward with the project. roof deck inspection. a roof deck is an underlayment that shingles are laid on top of.

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how to support a roof over a deck. many decks, however, are open-air, with no roof or covering to protect against rain or sun, which limits their usefulness. some homeowners opt to install fabric canopies, either permanent or retractable. others decide to build a roof. the simplest roof for a deck is a shed style, which slopes in only one direction,