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it is then easy work to get some oil or stain or a combination product and brush it on. if you go the pvc route i can see varnish pulling off quite easily, you will have to sand thoroughly or you will get nowhere.

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trying to get paint to stop flaking off the pvc/vynl trim around the window in an exterior door. tried the krylon sprayed on plastic paint, scuff sand, paint with superpaint. came off in less than a year.

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174 responses to top 10 questions about pvc trim .i used the pvc trim board for the kick plates. i got some hard wood stain on the pvc boards. what can i use to clean it, as i would do not want to damage it. the stain is water clean up not as easy as it sounds . thanks so much for any assistance

make pvc look like wood: 5 steps with pictures

use the rasp side of the file to shred the pvc surface. pull the file in many directions to give it an organic look. if the file's teeth get clogged, use a wire brush to quickly clear them. caution: this step will make sharp ridges on the surface of the pvc. try not to slide your knuckles along the pipe until you have smoothed it out.

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dry the plastic wood with a clean towel. apply tinted polyurethane to the plastic wood using a foam paintbrush. apply the polyurethane coating in parallel lines with 50-percent overlap. keep the brush moving to ensure even coverage. tinted polyurethane provides a topcoat of subtle color to plastic wood, allowing the faux wood grain to show through.

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rub non-gel toothpaste on the pvc with a paper towel and buff with a clean white cloth if the pvc needs to be shined or have minor scratches removed. step 7 lightly sand the pvc with 100 grit sandpaper for really ground in stains.

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if the color you want happens to be purple, of course, you might as well just buy purple primer and use it as a stain instead of mixing your own. step 2 mix the dye with the cleaner. work in a well-ventilated work space and wear nitrile gloves and goggles at all times when handling the solvent or the dye.

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fill nail holes and joints. before you apply a glaze to pvc trim, it's important to fill the nail holes and joints between trim pieces, or the stain will collect around them and make noticeable spots or lines. because pvc trim is more flexible than wood, ordinary wood filler will likely fall out, so it's better to use epoxy putty.

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smear a little cement on both surfaces and then clamp or screw the joint together. wipe off any excess right away with a damp rag. unlike pvc pipe cement, pvc trim cement is water soluble and wont melt finished surfaces if you remove it immediately.

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make: projects permanently stain pvc pipe any color you want. pvc can be painted, sure, but getting a good finish requires careful surface preparation, and even then the paint tends to flake or wear off with time, weather, and/or handling. but, as youll know if youve ever tried to remove a purple primer stain,

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stain pvc any color you like. there is furniture grade pvc pipe that can be found in color, but youre going to pay through the nose for it. by staining, you get color that doesnt flake or add thickness to the pvc so you can stain the pipe and fittings before assembly and still expect them to fit.

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diy how to satin pvc with dye so it looks like wood. using only inexpensive materials found at any local arts and craft or hardware store this method obtains a wood like finish complete with the

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and quite honestly, with a pro-active approach and a few key painting and staining tips, it has been fairly easy to maintain. here is at a look at 4 key tips on how to stain a deck or any exterior wood surface to last. how to stain a deck to last- 4 big keys 1 choosing a durable stain or paint

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how to fill nail holes and paint pvc trim. for larger holes use a 1-inch putty knife. -completely fill the nail holes, leaving them slightly crowned to sand after the epoxy sets. or, work it as smooth as possible by shaving it off with a putty knife or working it in with your fingertips. -for sanding, use 100 to 120 grit sandpaper with light pressure.

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pvc pipes pvc pipe projects projects to try wood projects giant flowers paper flowers the incredibles shapes steam bending wood how to bend pvc and make incredible shapes: i was recently working on a project where i needed to bend pvc pipes into smooth, round shapes.

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standard pvc trim is very paintable without any exotic paints and primers or pre sanding there are some pvc items like shutters and mount masters that are hard to get paint to stick to i believe theres a mould release agent on these that needs to be cleaned off

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manufacturers of pvc decking often boast that their material won't stain like wood or composite decks. there's truth to that statement, as long as spilled red wine, barbecue sauce or suntan oil is

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make pvc look like wood: i came up with this simple trick to give pvc pipe a realistic wood texture when i built a few plastic didgeridoos a couple of years ago. it would also work for theater, home decor or backyard tiki-bars send an invite if you build that last one.

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learning how to stain a deck will allow you to bring out the rich colors and textures of the wood's surface. but applying wood stain does more than enhance a decks appearance. exterior stain helps to waterproof a deck and provides vital protection from the elements to keep the lumber from warping.

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suffice it to say that the paints developed for the pvc niche have been tested for adhesion on pvc each and every time a change is made to the formulation. yet another layer of the onion to remove. at mgm we subject the pvc to a flame treat process that can raise the surface energy from 42dyne to above that of waters 72dyne.

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deck staining. clean the deck and wait for it to dry. then stir the deck stain and apply according to the instructions on your particular product. stains soak into the material over time, so you should use multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat and wipe up excess stain to avoid creating dark or sticky spots.

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it's my opinion having been heavily involved in this industry that there is a very short list of good performing products when it comes to stain, scratch, and scuff resistance. pvc products such as seven trust, and 2 or 3 others without question outperform tradtional wood decking or composite options in my opinion.