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it might surprise you to learn that a bookshelf speaker on a stand is often the same size as one of the slim-line floor-standing speakers. bookshelf speakers are not designed to go on the floor, so you would damage one if it fell. another factor to consider is room size and shape.

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floor-standing speakers couple the bass better and by the time you put a stand under bookshelf models you've taken up about the same amount of space anyway. i've gotten a pair of forte iii and that would be my recommendation in this case, even though it was not mentioned as a consideration.

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the best stereo speakers will always be an essential part of any audiophile's home setup, even if standalone wireless speakers are all the rage right now. we audiophiles want our sound to be clear

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here are some of the reasons i chose to go with a floor standing speaker, based on the options of floor standing speaker vs. bookshelf subwoofer: 1. they take up the same amount of real estate as a bookshelf speaker with stands, and actually take up less space when including a sub. 2.

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this wiki has been updated 17 times since it was first published in december of 2015. offering powerful sound in a relatively compact size, these bookshelf speakers will deliver a faithful reproduction of your favorite audio tracks without looming large in your home office, den or living room.

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with that in mind, here are some of the key factors you should consider when choosing between bookshelf and tower speakers. room dimensions and speaker placement flexibility floor space is an obvious factor when choosing between tower and bookshelf speakers, but it's not just a matter of where you want to put your speakers and having enough room.

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floorstanding vs bookshelf speakers. before going forward with a set of floorstanding speakers, its a good idea to make sure that they are the right type of speaker for your needs. the main alternative to tower speakers is bookshelf speakers. as their name suggests, bookshelf speakers are smaller than their floorstanding counterparts.

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there is still some advantage to floor standers, and again, it depends on which floorstanders and which bookshelf speaker we are talking about. large floor standing speakers are going to have better midbass, mids, and highs. still, if you are on a budget or have limited room, a 5.1av bookshelf/sub system will do an excellent job of it.

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i just got some new bookshelf speakers yesterday, and because of money and the shape of the room/furniture, the 'best' placement for them is on the floor in the two corners of a wall. i just wondered, what benefits would i get from using a stand? also, although the speakers sound good in the room

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the pros and cons of floor speakers. these compact models are also known as bookshelf speakers for the very good reason that while they do their best work sat on a dedicated pair of speaker stands, you can also place them on shelves, windowsills and desktops if space is tight. standmount speakers can sound superb but they also work well

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the default audio purchase used to be a simple pair of bookshelf speakers and an amplifier. today, theres a new option available, the sound bar. its design makes sense for odd shaped rooms or homes with limited space. but, is it the best option? the question of whether to purchase loudspeakers or

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floorstanding speaker: floorstanding speakers or tower speakers are larger than bookshelf speakers. they normally stand on the floor and dont require any sort of mounting or surface. tower speakers come in a range of driver designs, but for the most part they will have at least a bass driver, midrange and tweeter.

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floor speakers vs bookshelf speakers. discussion. first let me say i'm kinda a noob here. i'm trying figure out the difference between floor and bookshelf speakers, beside the obvious one sits on the floor and the other on stands. basically what i've gathered is the floor speakers will give you more bass/low end, and cost about twice as much as

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hi, new to the forum and am looking for some assistance. just bought the 55inch plasma and i am now looking to upgrade speakers and receiver. it has been some time 1993 since my last speaker purchase paradigm floor standing . i am looking at def tech 8020st or 8040st and also considering some higher end bookshelf speakers.

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the beauty of freestanding speakers is that they come in many styles and sizes from ultra-compact cubes to rectangular bookshelf models to the floor-standing towers coveted by audiophiles. styles and finishes range from plain-jane boxes to sculpted cabinets that become objects d'art in their own right.

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note: sometimes a bookshelf speaker mated with a powered sub can be referred to as a sub/sat system. but, we thought it would be useful to define both scenarios. please check out our bookshelf vs tower speakers youtube discussion as a primer to reading the rest of this article.

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i have previously posted regarding buying bookshelf speakers. bookshelf is all i have ever owned. i prefer speakers for two channel stereo listening. i am thinking about buying floor standing. has anyone had bookshelves for stereo listening and changed to floor standing? i am afraid to make the change.

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speakers need to take up less space but have to sound great. a nother essential consideration is how they suit your room size and decoration perfectly. today, we will discover two common types of speakers on the market: bookshelf vs floorstanding. t here would be a lot of differences regarding design, functionality and performance.

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another common speaker design is referred to as a bookshelf speaker. as the name implies, these speakers are more compact than floor-standing speakers, and although some are small enough to fit on a bookshelf, most are actually larger, but can easily sit on a table, placed on a stand, and can even be mounted on a wall.

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the dirty little secret about bookshelf speakers. the audiophiliac rounds up some of his favorite pint-size speakers, priced from rock-bottom to extravagantly expensive steve guttenberg.

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floor standing speakers are much larger. if you have a small room, i suggest you stick to bookshelf speakers, they will give you a good quality sound and take up lesser space. it may be an opinionated answer, to whether better quality bookshelf speakers can give a better imaging than bookshelf speakers.

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when set up to get the best out of them, bookshelf speakers can give you some of the great sonic aspects of a floor standing speaker. while you can put a bookshelf speaker on a shelf, they will sound better on a speaker stand out in the room - very similar to what we described for floor standing speakers.

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here s a simple guide to making the choice between floor standing and bookshelf speakers easier. floor standing speakers will always have deeper and greater bass output because of the size of the box or enclosure than will small bookshelf models. you cannot fight the physics of speaker design.

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other than bass, is there an advantage to getting floorstanding speakers vs. a pair of bookshelf speakers and a good sub? other than bass, is there an advantage to getting floorstanding speakers vs. a pair of bookshelf speakers and a good sub? listen to this speaker, or take a floor standing speaker like mirage om7's-5's or oskar kitharas

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never put your speakers on the floor. that's just plain wrong, because putting any small speaker down there forfeits a major share of its sound quality.

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before we proceed, lets ask ourselves: whats the difference between a floor standing speaker vs. a bookshelf speaker? floor standing speaker: these bad-boys been a staple for some of the most powerful home audio systems for decades. other known as the tower speakers, these guys can really surround the room with excellent sound in a

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if you're deciding between floorstanding and bookshelf speakers check out this video i discuss the benefits of floorstanding speakers as compared to their bookshelf counterparts using klipsch

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i am not in a position to answer, nor familiar with the speakers you mentioned. but i have in the past pondered the same question. i guess i was thinking if i spent identical money on 2 floor standers vs 2 decent bookshelf speakers but also intergrated a nice tight musically capable sub all within the same price as two floor standing , how these two set ups could compare ..