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floor area calculation formulas. you can also calculate the square footage or square yardage manually. for a typical rectangular room, make sure your measurements are in feet, then multiply the length by the width to find the total square footage. for other types of rooms, use these formulas to find flooring area.

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how to calculate board footage thickness of wood: 4/4 1 inch thick 5/4 1¼ inch thick 6/4 1½ inch thick 8/4 2 inch thick 12/4 3 inch thick 16/4 4 inch thick width: inches


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how do i calculate the the quantity of tongue-and-groove wood paneling needed that is sold by the linear foot but has various board widths available? for example, if i have a wall that is 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide and i want to purchase either 8 inch tongue-and-groove panels versus 12 inch and it is sold by linear foot, how much board will i

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divide the product by 12. divide the product you just calculated by the number 12. save the quotient you calculate during this step. since the calculated board volume is in ft*in2 instead of cubic inches, you cannot divide the volume by the amount of cubic inches per board foot 144 cubic inches .

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getting started. click on the total rise a input field and enter a value of 48 . enter a value of 63 for the total run g . enter 7 for the number of steps, and 1.5 for the tread thickness . press the calculate stairs button to view the results.

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need to know how much it will cost to buy 294 pieces of 2x4x16 at $400/thousand board feet? check out our lumber pricing calculator above. the calculators on this site are designed to help answer these questions in a matter of seconds with no math on your part lumber quantity/board foot calculator/linear feet calculator

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related articles. check the amount of square feet covered by one case of your intended wood flooring. divide the total square feet of your area by the amount in one case. if the information on the product indicates that one case covers 24 square feet, for example, and you have a 12-by-14-foot room, divide 168 by 24 to get 7.

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how to calculate tongue and groove flooring ehow tongue and groove flooring employs a simple system to 'lock' individual sheets or with fractions and enables the calculations to be completed on a calculator. formulas - burt lumber's so for example a 1x6 tongue and groove board gives you an actual coverage value of 5-1/4'. it's nominal

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related articles. calculate how many panels you need to cover the width of the ceiling based on the width of the product youll be using. traditional tongue-and-groove paneling is 3 1/2 inches wide; for example, if your ceiling is 10 feet wide 120 inches , youll need 35 boards to go from one end to the other.

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i'm quoting a 3 1/4' - 5'-7' oak floor . i don't do those often and am curious on the best formula to figure out how much of each width is needed.

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1x4 or 1x6 for 16' joist spacing; 5/4x4 or 5/4x6 for 24' joist spacing; 2x4 or 2x6 for heavy duty or commercial applications. close to ground applications 36' or less should use 4' width material. install all materials in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

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helpful math formulas square: s x s the area of a square is the length of one side squared. for example: if the area you want to cover is 3 feet long and 3 feet wide, to find the area, you multiple 3 times itself. you get 3 x 3 = 9 square feet. rectangle: l x w the area of a rectangle is the length times the width.

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formula works only when wood is between 6 percent and 14 percent moisture, but this is a fair range for furniture. first, determine if your board is mostly flatsawn f/s or quartersawn q/s . few boards are entirely one or the other, so make a best guess. the best place to look is in the end grain see ding at right .

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instructions: lumber weight calculator. enter the actual measured thickness of the lumber, in inches and fractions of an inch. chose a nominal thickness of lumber. lumber less than 3/4 inches thick should be entered as 3/4. enter the length to the last full foot. do not round up to the next foot.

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the sagulator computes initial sag only. as an engineering rule of thumb, wood beams/shelves will sag an additional 50% over time beyond the initial deflection induced by the load. thus, a suggested target for allowable sag is 0.02 per foot or less.

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to convert square footage to lineal feet: multiply converted area by 12 than divide by the nominal width. example: 1' x 6' tongue and groove needed to cover 480 sf 480 x 1.17 area factor x 12 divided by 6 1 x 6 = 1126.2 lf.

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so for example a 1x6 tongue and groove board gives you an actual coverage value of now apply the formula of nominal divided by actual = 6 / 5.25 = 1.14 . get-prices eastern white pine tongue and groove from heartwood lumber

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input length and width of flooring area. click the button to calculate material and man-hours needed for this job. this calculator is to be used as an estimating tool only.

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instructions: wood shrinkage calculator. enter the actual measured width of the lumber, in inches and fractions of an inch centimeters, if metric . enter the initial moisture content mc . do not enter decimals or fractions, and do not enter the percentage sign after the value. values over 30% mc will be calculated as 30% mc.

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knowing how to figure out lumber weight comes in handy for a number of applications. if you need to haul a stack of two-by-sixes in your own trailer or figure out how much you might save by letting a load of green wood dry out before shipping, you'll want to make the acquaintance of the formula you need.

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divide the floor area into rectangles. it is easier to calculate the areas of rectangles than it is to calculate the areas of irregular shapes. if the room is rectangular treat it as a single rectangle, but if it is 'l' shape, break it into two rectangles. nooks, window bays and similar irregularities can also be treated as separate rectangles.

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if you know the board footage of the lumber, divide it by 12 to find the volume in cubic feet. our board footage calculator can help find the volume of your wood in board feet. you can also calculate the volume of lumber by measuring the length, width, and thickness in inches and multiplying them together. this will get the volume in cubic inches.

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doyle log scale wunderwoods pdf many times customers will call to discuss having a log milled and how much it will cost. the answer is often based on how many board feet 12' x 12' x1' will be produced. so, the first thing i ask is, 'how big is the log?' usually the answer

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a board foot bd. ft. is the unit of measurement for Seven Trust lumber 1' or thicker. it's just an estimation, btw. board footage helps you make an educated guess as to how much lumber you'll need. afterall, you'll be cutting and/or gluing your project parts from boards of various sizes.