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the best flooring with wood paneling usually has a subdued pattern or no pattern at all. carpeting, vinyl and linoleum are all good choices, as are tiles that don't have contrasting grout lines. except in special circumstances, choose colors that augment the warm wood tones of the paneling.

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home guides sf gate, homeguides. sfgate. com/floors-look-wood-paneling-87950. html. accessed 16 september 2019. hordos, lorna. (n. d. ). what floors look

what floors look best with wood paneling? home guides

in a home with wood paneling on the walls, the flooring is a major key to creating the design “vibe” you’re after. in line with your style preference, the right floors play up or downplay

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wall paneling comes in a wide variety of lengths, types of wood and colors. while traditionally people have used it only on walls, depending on the type of wood paneling, such as with thicker oak paneling, it can also double for use as a flooring material.

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top bars to watch college football in south florida. the bar has wood paneling on the floor so the authentic feel of an old-time tavern gives it a character that stands out in the suburbs of