fixing a wobbling pergola

fixing a wobbly pergola

fixing a wobbly pergola. the 8' h x 9' d x 10' w pergola is completed. hindsight is better than foresight as we all know - that said, instead of cementing 6 x 6's into the ground, i followed popular mechanics pergola design and poured the pad first ,and used 4x4 posts anchored to the pad with simpson post bases.

how to fix a wobbly pergola merrypad

the thing is, fixing our pergolas took 10 minutes, not 10 hours like i initially imagined it would. if youre working on fixing your home up before winter strikes, you may want to take a look at todays post on diy network, where i profess my new job title, and get down to business on correcting those swaying structures.

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hi all, i have just recently built a pergola image attached . basically its a ledger beam dyna-bolted to the back wall, 7 rafters butted up to the beam and sitting on top of the other beam on 2 posts.

why is my pergola wobbly? how do i fix it?

as a general answer, i could guess your pergola is wobbly because some of the attachment points are not secured or tightened properly. be sure to check all connections for proper attachment and that no bolts, nuts or screws are loose. if the pergola was nailed together you may need to use an alternative


this is the eighth video in our 12 part video series on how to install a pergola kit from western timber frame. western timber frame's pergola kits are much easier to install than your standard

pergola posts a little wobbly

my latest dilemma is that the pergola posts are slightly wobbly. i set the 4x4 posts on an u-shaped anchor, attached with nails and lag screws. the anchor is attached to a j-bolt embedded concrete, which goes about two feet down. i'm pretty confident i have a solid footing, yet the posts still wobble.

how to fix loose deck railing

loose deck railing. if your deck railing is loose or wobbly it is probably the result of a weak rail post connection to the deck frame. posts should be connected to the deck framing with lag screws or bolts at a minimum. screws or nails are not generally acceptable. if your rail posts are mounted to the interior of the frame you can add strength

pergola wobbly

pergola wobbly. beefing up the columns possibly with stiffener flanges or replacing them with 6 x 6s will help considerably. i'd also shorten them, unless there's a pressing need for the tall height. beefing up the front beam would also help, as would adding upper diagonals perpendicular to the house, as would using through-bolts

step 2. securing the posts to the ground

1 original spiked fixing posts 2 bolt - down fixing posts 3 concrete - in fixing post we have chosen these methods of securing as the fixing posts are easy to install and keep the bottom of the posts out of the ground, reducing the risk of rotting. the method that you choose depends on your local conditions and where your pergola is to be sited.

pergola wobbly

re: pergola wobbly. one concern i have is the roof doesn't appear to have much slope. i doubt you worry about snow loads, but a heavy rain needs to run off easily too. the roof as it is, is not providing much in the way of stiffening the structure, due to the furring strips and tin being all there is there.


using the appropriate fastenings for either wood or masonry to fasten the wood to the house. this would only leave two or three holes that need to be patched if your pergola/lean to was removed. don't chisel any stones off the wall. it will be unsightly and a difficult repair if the pergola is ever removed.


a left or right force near the top of the pergola such a a tall person leaning on the post leads to a bit of noticeable wobble. everything is rock solid at the deck level, and there is no wobble in the in/out direction. the span is 12' from post to post. the beam is 2x6 cedar,


i am planning to build a corner pergola over my deck. pergola is 8ft long from the corner on either side forming a triangle on the top. i have used four 4x4 posts 8 ft attached to the deck headers using three 1/2' carriage bolt per post. how do i reduce wobbling when shear force is applied to simulate wind condition?

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sagging pergola beams sagging pergola beams diy, home maintenance and repair hi diyguy99 more info, is the beam exposed to elements, also a sketch helps try a here hth