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despite resistance from neighbors, the city of oakland took a big step tuesday night to prevent another big fire like the one that devastated the oakland hills in 1991.

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exterior walls … shall be constructed with materials approved for a minimum of 1-hour fire-resistance-rated construction on the exterior side or constructed with approved noncombustible materials. one-hour fire resistance. the first option above, building a 1-hour fire-resistive deck, isn't simple.

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go to val royeaux's side shops, buy a fire resistance tonic. that gives 40% fire resist. dragonling scales (leather) farmed from lady shayna's valley, will give a minor amount of fire resist when crafted. not really recommended for the ferelden frostback. other fire resist materials are nowhere near as easy to farm (dragon scales, webbing

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there are materials available that you can use on your deck to make it as fire resistant as possible aside from using concrete forms as your base construction material. using non-flammable stucco for the outside walls would be a start.

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for the rest of the country, having a fire resistant deck material is nice and always a good idea but not essential. however, in california composite materials must have certain minimum fire ratings. that part of the country is in a very high risk fire zone.

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if you have a solid surface deck (e.g., one with a lightweight concrete walking surface), it is probably already enclosed horizontally. if you are going to store combustible materials under your deck, then vertically enclosing it with a noncombustible or ignition-resistant material would make sense.

a decade after 9/11, new innovations in skyscraper design

a decade after 9/11, new innovations in skyscraper design. defying expectations, high-rise design and construction has flourished around the world since the terrorist attacks of sept. 11, 2001.