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retaining walls cut into sloping ground to create flat areas for extra lawn space, patios, driveways, gardens and more. they are built to resist the pressures of soil and moisture from the earth above and typically are 4 feet or shorter in home landscapes. how to buid a deck around an above ground pool columbia city house now connected to

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can you put an above ground pool underground by building a retaining wall around it? answer. wiki user july 05, 2005 4:41pm i am planning to build a retaining wall around half of our above

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- the space is tight, so the retaining wall would be snug to the pool, 14-15' square*, which i am told is risky, force-wise. ideally the retaining wall is supposed to be out from the pool by 2-3 times the wall height, i.e. 2-3 feet. - i'm told perhaps deadmen are required, regardless of whether wood or masonry is used.

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retaining wall for above ground pool area this is the kind with metal frame, and liner is supported by the top rail and legs. needless to say, yard is sloped maybe 15:1.

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welcome to tfp all things considered, it doesn't look too bad to me. i do see the slight leaning of the wall. i can't confirm if it was anything related to the pool itself, perhaps just the ground and weight of all the backfill finally pressing-up against it.

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that would be my choice if i were to install a pool in that yard. i would backfill the dirt around the pool where it has been dug out. you want to do this only after the pool is full of water so you do not cave in the sides. if you have reasons for not wanting the dirt next to the pool a retaining wall is fine. for instance if you are told your

i am planning to build a retaining wall around half of our

i am planning to build a retaining wall around half of our above ground pool. it is being built into a slope. what is the best material and way to build the retaining wall and keep it streamlined?

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popular above ground pool deck ideas. this is just for you who has a above ground pool in the house. having a above ground pool in a house is a great idea. tag: a budget small yards a step by step guide to closing an above ground pool to prevent damage caused by ice and snow. takes the stress off of your pool

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hi, sorry for the long post i've just had a 15x24 ft above ground pool installed. there is a slope of about a foot, so at one end the pool is ground level, and a foot in-ground at the other. the guys working for the pool installer say they're finished the job, but they've left a 1 foot wide and one foot deep trench around the pool and the end that sits a foot in the ground.

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do you love lounging around on hot, summer days in your above-ground pool, but hate the way it looks in your yard? you aren't alone. while above-ground pools boast a ton of positives budget-friendly, easier to keep clean , they simply aren't as aesthetically-pleasing as their in-ground counterparts.

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sinking an above ground pool 101. some will go with the extra cost of building a retaining wall all the way around the pool. if you do that then youre also good, but that adds to the cost of the job and arent you wanting a much cheaper alternative to an in-ground? 168 thoughts on sinking an above ground pool in the ground

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many people, when thinking about purchasing a pool, look at the slope in their backyard and wonder if they can actually have a pool. if they're going to put it in, they have to look at the expenses they'll incurwhether they'll need retaining walls or how we're going to do it.

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my 24' round muskin pool wall rusted out after 15 years of being partially buried into a hill. i took it all down, and am now building a retaining wall out of railroad ties which varies between 3 feet tall on the top-of-the-hill side to 1 foot tall at the bottom-of-the-hill side around the perimeter to hold the dirt back away from the pool wall.

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for those of you who are confident about your stone-stacking skills, you can build a stacked-stone wall around the outside of your above ground pool and further enhance it with a similarly built retaining wall a few feet from the pools perimeter. if you dont have the confidence to diy, then my advice would be to call in a professional.

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above ground pool - sloping yard drainage around pool or retaining wall? thread starter sepasean; start date sep 7, 2014; forums. equipment - build, use, and repair. above ground pools we just recently had an above ground pool installed here in southeast pennsylvania.

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this year i took the pool down to level it. i don't have the money to pay for another pool installer. i have had a couple of estimates and they range from $1,000-$1,700. i want to do it myself and i know that i am going to need a retaining wall on the low end of the yard. i really only need a wall about 12' high to level the pool.

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interlocking block walls can be designed around any free-form pool. plus the blocks are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. natural stone or cinder block natural stone, brick or cinder block are common materials for retaining walls. this type of retaining wall is filled with grout or concrete and reinforced with rebar.

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columbia city house now connected to pool with new decks retaining wall complete dave s above ground pools llc retaining wall around the pool side chillin above armour stone retaining wall by pool in 2019 swimming pool retaining wall ideas chloeremodeling co how to landscape around an above ground pool inyopools.