precast hollow core panels

hollowcore - concrete industries

our precast hollowcore slabs feature high-strength, pre-stressing strands embedded in slipformed concrete. as the name implies, strategically engineered longitudinal cores run the length of the slabs, reducing the overall weight and increasing the ability to handle greater loads or span greater distances.

hollow core plank precast concrete floor panels

our nicore hollow core concrete is a precision-manufactured, precast/prestressed concrete plank produced with high-strength (5,000 psi minimum) concrete. you get an affordable, reliable and versatile hollow core plank (also known as dox plank) that offers a host of advantages over other traditional building materials.

hollowcore gulf precast

hollowcore slabs from gulf precast are used horizontally in all type of structures such as villas, buildings, commercial and industrial structures, hotels, schools, shopping centers. they may even be used vertically, as wall panel partitions, in industrial structures or in boundary walls.

oldcastle precast spokane products hollow core

hollow core plank has many advantages, two advantages of hollow core are sound attenuation and thermal mass for energy savings. as an extruded product, hollow core does not lend itself to casting in of steel plates, does not have a formed finish on the sides, nor does the top finish lend itself to being troweled or raked.

coreslab structures

welcome to coreslab structures. since 1975, we have been a premier producer of precast/prestressed concrete products. over the last four decades, we have emerged as a major supplier of structural, architectural and hollow core solutions to markets in canada and the united states.

hollowcore precast concrete concrete planks & slabs

paired with precast components or structural steel, spancrete hollowcore provides an immediate working surface and covered space for other trades. in addition, the panels have continuous voids in them that reduce weight and cost, and also may be utilized for electrical or mechanical runs.