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teak deck sanding is a process we have down to an art. we employ only the most accurate sanding machinery, to preserve the hue and shine of your teak deck, and preservative teak oil that preserves and restores the previous glow of your teak decking. trusted and careful professionals

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i would like to refinish the teak swim deck on my 1986 cc ski nautique. the main question i have is in regard to the finish that you use to protect the wood. is there a better marine grade polyurethane out there that you suggest? put the platform on the boat, done i know i'll need some additional oil on it during the season, but my

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re: refinishing teak trim and platform the condition of the teak really determines what path you will want to follow. when i detail boats, i use a 50/50 solution of ammonia and water. with a 3m scrub pad, i work the solution over the teak. careful with the 3m pad around the gelcoat, but the ammonia, won't hurt it. wear gloves to protect your hands.

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how to refinish your teak decks. 0 shares share. 0 . 7; here i describe the process of extracting the old caulk, adding new caulk and refinishing the deck question about refinishing my teak deck. boat is 38 years old, i have a lot of screws showing, and my teak appears thin. thinking of extracting the screws or drilling thru them

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now my question. the teak decks are in very good condition but need refinishing. i am going to scrape and sand down to bare wood. my apologies to the 'au naturels' out there, but i don't want to use oil. i also have not had a lot of luck with cetol, even when following their directions precisely.

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how to refurbish a teak ski-boat deck if your ski boats teak deck is looking a little weathered, restore it to its former glory with just a few simple steps. discolored, moldy, exhaust-stained and weathered teak decks are an eyesore on even the most expensive ski boats.

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often the hardest part of refinishing wood on a boat is getting the old finish off. unfortunately, there is no magic solution. it usually takes a combination of methods, all involving a large tub of elbow grease and a bucket of patience. diy: refinishing wood on a boat. removing oil from teak.

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a deck repair involving the refinishing of a boat deck is a project that can be handled by most any do-it-yourselfer.refinishing a boat deck is similar in process to refinishing a patio deck. all you simply need are a few tools and materials in order to accomplish the task of refinishing you boat deck.

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important: to avoid gouging the teak, hold the pad flat to the deck. vacuum up the dust. inspecting the deck. hose down the deck with water. as the deck is drying, observe wet spots that do not dry completely.these are areas that may need work, i.e., new plugs, more caulk repair, etc. finish on exterior teakdecking

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i must be the only trojan owner with teak decks that has never refinished teak before. i'll post my progress in case anyone is interested because i haven't seen any pictures of refinishing teak that has black caulking strips. the thought of disturbing the black caulking had made me nervous.

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maintaining teak decks. the maintenance of teak decks is one topic sure to start a debate on the dock it seems everyone has an opinion on what is best and if you jump on the internet and start searching teak maintenance you will see what i mean