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here at prestige floors, our team strive to only supply the finest products. ensuring that we only install cladding panels and components of the highest quality means that our customers can have complete peace of mind. hygienic wall cladding has lots of advantages and our products all benefit from the following: cost effective. fda approved.

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accurate and precise measurement forms the basis of any hygienic wall cladding job here at bioclad. our installers point a laser level to the wall and mark a datum line along the laser from which to match wall measurements with the measurements on the bioclad panel.

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hygienic pvc wall cladding is the best alternative to ceramic tiles and paint in areas such as commercial kitchens, showers, store rooms, laboratories and any other areas that require a hygienic environment. it provides a sealed finish that requires minimal maintenance and cleaning.

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hygienic wall cladding can be installed on to both new and old surfaces to provide a sealed sanitary environment. our systems are designed to comply with food industry regulations where there is a risk of hygiene issues. it provides a tough, easy to maintain and attractive finish and is available in a range of colours and finishes.

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professionally made video to guide you through a hygienic cladding installation. saniclad installation - hygienic cladding installation guide how to fit shower wall board install guide

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8. lift the sheet into the bottom j-trim, press against the wall and smooth it out with your hands until the sheet has fully gripped. 9. at the edge of the sheet, carefully peel back some of the masking tape. cut the back part of the 2-part joiner trim to correct height by measuring from the ceiling to the bottom of the heavy j-trim.

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please register your interest for our 2019 training courses at enquiries and our experienced sales team will be in contact to provide more information. in the meantime, check out our how to fit hygienic wall cladding guide here.

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hygienic pvc wall cladding in a choice of finishes. our modern, stylish hygienic pvc wall cladding is stocked in a choice of finishes to suit all environments. exact colour-match wall cladding accessories can also be found in the range. this allows you to create a flawless, colour-coordinated, professional hygienic space.

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saniclad offer either a full fitting and installation service or we can supply the panels for a diy fit. if you choose to fit this yourself, please see the guidance below. 1. the wall substrate must be dry and free from any dirt, dust and grease. walls should be flat and even. flatten high spots and fill in low spots.

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this will help to spread the adhesive behind the panel as it is pressed to the wall. our panels are lightweight, but their weight is significantly increased after a full coverage of adhesive has

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a two-part h trim is comprised of a pvc rear connecting strip that fixes to the wall between two bioclad panels, and a pvc cover trim that clicks into the

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hygenic pvc provides a quick fit, cleanable surfaces for animal separation units and maintaining the highest hygiene standard. from boarding areas to veterinary prep and operating rooms, our 10mm boards and single skin pvc has been specified across the uk for the best permanent results.

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hygienic cladding for healthcare facilities; hygienic wall cladding and flooring for education; sports and leisure cladding solutions; hygienic cladding for hospitality; commercial hygienic wall cladding solutions for offices; hygienic wall cladding for animal care facilities; hygienic cladding for the pharmaceutical sector; products

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why do i need wall cladding professionally installed? hygienic cladding must be cut to the exact size and fitted properly. leaving gaps or making mistakes in the trimming process can compromise hygiene. poorly installed cladding may need to be replaced or expensive work undertaken to make it sound.

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the uk's largest independent stockist of pvc whitewall hygienic cladding sheets, nationwide delivery, special offers, package deals, 20 new gloss colours or 10 new satin colours to choose from. fire rated, food safe and ideal for use in commercial kitchens, takeaways, food prep areas, storage area's, butchers, kennels.

3 benefits of hygienic wall cladding in the healthcare sector

hygienic wall cladding is easier to install. as mentioned previously, hygienic wall cladding panels can be installed directly over walls. as well as saving money, this makes it easier and quicker for installers to make measurements and complete any necessary work. as well as being easier to install, hygienic wall cladding can be fitted using various methods.

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easy to install wall cladding pvc. the system consists of flat opaque pvc panels, combined with fastening profiles and welding rods in matching colors. a wide range of colors and surface textures enables design versatility for many purposes. the systems durability ensures many years of service, unaffected by repetitive cleaning routines.

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whether its our hygienic wall cladding panels, wallpaper, or any other wall covering, there will always be a need to fit around doors and windows, and to accommodate odd angles, especially when