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three waves of repair thus far, judging from the different woods used. looks like fun. dont get much deck/stair repair so your ideas are welcome. the bottom flight has 48w treads 2.5 x 11 = 3×12? hung off metal stair backets on the non pt stringers. ok except these two. they have termite damage and one was secured with some deck screws.

go from an old deck to new in 4 steps

there's no secret to deck maintenancerepair the deck, clean it and protect it. go from an old deck to new in 4 steps. pay special attention to any part of the deck that is in direct contact with the ground, such as the posts, stair stringers or joists that are at ground level. graf uses a screwdriver to check for structural damage.

repairing split deck stair treads this old house

norm abram explains how to fix splitting deck stair treads. repairing split deck stair treads. but if it is up to code, take an impact driver and unscrew the old treads from the stringers. check that the structure is in good shape and install new treads, all cut to exactly the same size.

how to repair rotten deck stringer

repair/replace rotten, poorly designed deck stair - renovate forums. 7 oct 2014 hello folks, my back deck stair is rubbish, to put it politely. the bottom tread, the base of one stringer and the base of the post have rotted, the top tread has fallen out of the stringer and message

common deck stair defects american society of home

stringer attachment. one of the most serious deck stair defects is a poor connection between the stringers and the deck. failure at this important connection is common, particularly when the stringers have been nailed to the framing, because nails are subject to withdal.

how to cut stair stringers: 15 steps with pictures

how to cut stair stringers. stair stringers are the backbone of any set of stairs. they support the treads and provide the structural support of the stairway. in order to cut your stair stringers perfectly, you need to take the time to

how to repair deck stairs

deck stairs carry more traffic than any other part of the deck so they are often the first to feel the strain. repairing deck stairs is not especially difficult because you will have the old, broken part to use as a template and the new part will fit. fit the new part into place and check that the

how to lay out deck stair stringers

deck stair stringers spacing . the load supporting requirements for stair treads are more severe than for the rest of the deck because the force exerted by a person walking downstairs is a more intense blow to the surface than a standard stride across a level surface. because of this, you should never space your stair stringers more than 16

rehabbing a rotted porch stair professional deck builder

the supports around the posts were soaked with water, too, and one of the stringers had minor rot damage. a huge contributing factor was that dirt had collected between the tread and the posts, trapping the moisture. after removing all the supports for the posts and cutting out the rot damage to the stringer, i could start to rebuild.

how to repair a stair stringer ehow

lift the stairs with a 2-by-4 brace on top of a hydraulic bottle jack to take the weight off of cracked or split stringers to make the repair possible. step 2 apply a heavy duty mending plate, at least four inches long, to the bottom edge of the stair stringer spanning the damaged area.

how to strap cracked stair stringers

how to strap cracked stair stringers - stairway repairs stairbuilding. how to repair decks and stairs wood rot. better stronger. exterior bottom wood stair stringer repair ideas - duration:

stair stringer and stair tread support defects and hazards

stair stringer defects: structural and safety hazards in stair and stair tread supports stair tread support choices and relation to stair stringer notching photographs of stair stringer and stair tread support defects rotted stair treads or stringers stair stringer movement hazards unsafe stair tread-to-stringer connections deck stair stringer notching too deep questions and answers about structural

how to repair broken stair stringers ehow

stair stringers are placed on a diagonal plane to reinforce each side of a staircase. stringers support the treads -- the tops of the steps -- and the risers. since stairs usually get a great deal of use, it's important to check the stair stringers regularly and repair them if they are cracked.

how to repair wooden stair stringers

how to repair wooden stair stringers by step 2 repairing loose steps. construction adhesive can be applied on the 2 x 4 face. using c clamps, clamp the 2 x 4 to the stair stringer. treated deck screws can be used to now attach splint to the area which is damaged. to reinforce the repair, install a cripple 2 x 4 under the step

building stairs for decks

the stairs built for this deck used a solid stringer which gives a very nice finished look and added strength because the stringer is solid. but this method is slightly more advanced so for this stair building lesson we will go right to the most common and basic way to build stairs with a notched stringer.