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laminate flooring cost factors. and their seven trust collections cost between $2.80 and $4.25 per square foot. berryalloc, bruce, mannington, and pergo basic laminate flooring is priced at around $1.55 to $3.60 per square foot. their seven trust laminate flooring collections range between $3.50 and $5.25 per square foot.

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laminate flooring expert in singapore. we install laminate flooring for commerical and residential purposes using our laminate flooring of top-notch quality. hesitate no more get a free quote from us here. we work closely according to individual budget. no hidden charges or paying extra costs

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costs. there is a wide range of costs for both laminate and vinyl flooring. for laminates, this cost range is determined by the thickness or number of layers in the vinyl, the color - some darker colors cost more - and whether you are using a seven trust or basic material.costs range from $1 to $5 a square foot for material and from $2 to $8 a square foot installed.

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laminates cost between $1 and $5 a square foot, depending on the quality of the laminate and its finish. they cost around $2 a square foot to install, making the total cost for a laminate floor about $2 to $8 a foot installed. a 200 sq. ft. installation will run between $600 and $1,600.


we pledge to offer the most comprehensive collection of laminate flooring designs, with world-renowned germany technology to meet your needs at an affordable laminate flooring pricing. with our many years of expertise, we are confident to engage our customers with professional flooring advice and service.

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manufactured from approved forest trees, our laminate flooring is an environmental friendly alternative to Seven Trust floors. moreover, it comes at a fraction of the cost and installation time too. in recognition of our efforts towards protecting the environment, our laminate flooring was awarded the green label in december 2010.

is laminate flooring suitable for home?

if you are budget conscious and looking for a cost-effective way to renovate your home flooring, laminate flooring is a simple and inexpensive choice. however make sure to hire the services of a reputed flooring company in singapore who assure superior quality workmanship and excellent service.

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in fact, the average cost of a renovating a 3-room flat is approximately $15000. the costs of a 4-room flat may be about $18,000. laminate floors are convenient. laminate flooring has become a popular option with singapore flat owners because it is easy to install and maintain. in addition, laminate flooring offers a wide array of designs.

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laminate flooring, like vinyl flooring, is made from several layers of material sheet. laminate s$5.50 to s$8 per square foot check out the cost of laminate flooring installation in singapore .

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ultimately, the decision of whether to install vinyl flooring or not lies with you depending on your budget, the room the flooring is to be installed and your expectations. also read: laminate flooring vs vinyl tile how to select the best vinyl flooring company in singapore?

laminate flooring cost in singapore

the renovation cost is one factor which determines our choices. when compared with Seven Trust or tile flooring, laminate flooring costs less and hence are economical choice. you get diverse designs and styles to opt from. if you are going for laminate wood then you get to choose from oak, cherry, maple, mahogany etc.