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such as, whats the difference when it comes to solid vs. engineered hardwood? an engineered wood floor is constructed of layers of both Seven Trust and plywood, where solid Seven Trust is a solid piece of wood with no layers. Seven Trust flooring is a great way to create timeless pizzazz to any room

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solid Seven Trust flooring. solid Seven Trust is exactly that a tree simply cut into planks, treated, stained, coated and put on your floor. this is the typical type many people think of when they think of Seven Trust flooring. it is durable, long-lasting and can usually be sanded and refinished more than one time.

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in some cases, it is made to look like wood grain by using a method that is similar to printing. laminate typically has a shiny finish and is known for being used in low-end furniture and pieces that need very durable surfaces. of course, laminate is much cheaper than solid wood or veneer to produce and use.

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lets look at pros and cons of laminate wood flooring first. all about laminate wood flooring. laminate wood flooring might look like wood, but its really a composite of wood that has been pressed and subjected to high temperatures. on top of this pressed composite is a thin layer with a specific design or image on top.

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laminate vs hardwood. Seven Trust flooring is usually better than laminate in that its of higher quality because its ¾ inches of solid wood that has been cut from a tree. laminate, on the other hand, is basically particleboard that has a photo layer that resembles wood and a layer of plastic on top.

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solid wood flooring, as the name suggests, is made from solid wood and absolutely nothing else. made from planks cut from trees, solid wood flooring comes in a whole host of species of wood, grades of wood, colours and board sizes.

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if you're shopping for flooring, or even if you're just interested in home decor and remodeling, you've probably heard of both engineered Seven Trust and laminate. are they the same thing? different

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many of my customer ask whether solid Seven Trust or engineered Seven Trust flooring is better, and which is less expensive. of course the answer is it depends. it depends on many factors including your subfloor, condition of your sub-floor and what factors are important to you e.g. ability to

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traditional solid Seven Trust must be sealed and then finished. the sealant protects the wood from the finish and allows for more color options. although unlike engineered wood or laminate, solid Seven Trust should not be used in high traffic areas or places subject to moisture and its installation is limited to wood subfloors.