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i'm building a new deck, and am about to put down the pressure treated decking. what is the current thought on which way to lay the boards - bark side up or down? i thought i read somewhere that the school of thought reversed, but from what to what

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bark side up or down on exterior wood decks and stairs: this article series explains the causes of cupping in wood boards and wood board right side up advice for steps, decks, ramps: this article explains the causes of wood board cupping and gives advice concluding that unless a board is already badly cupped or has a 'bad' side, when construction of outdoor decks and wood stairs you should place

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so when you install pressure treated, flat sawn, wood decking, do you face the bark side up left in photo or bark side down right in photo ? ask ten people and half will likely say 'bark-side-up,' a few will say 'bark-side-down' and the rest will shrug their shoulders. learn the answer in this article.

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this space should be about 5 to 8 mm, allowing the wood to shrink and swell along with the weather. also, consider the width of each deck board. the total width of your deck should allow each board to be installed in full without cutting them down to fit. this improves the look of your deck. now that youve learn how to lay decking and

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where do i start laying the decking boards. by derek strickland anchorage i have all the deck posts, sono tubes, beams and joists all in place. the deck is ready for the decking boards. do i start installing decking boards from the house or the outside of the deck and work my way in?

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once the ends are smooth, apply an end grain preserver to protect the wood from rot. your deck is now ready for a finish. 7.2 raised deck. once your railings are in position you are now ready to lay down the deck boards. remembering to run them in the opposite direction of the joists, lay them from the outer edge of the sub-frame and move inward.

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its time to lay down some syp deck boards. by robert wyatt, wir contributor. compared to building the foundation, installing decking boards is much more fun since this is what your friends and family will actually see.

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if your deck is just discolored, stained or looks worn down, installing outdoor tile over wood deck area can be a great way to cover that up and start fresh. however, if the wood is rotting or decaying, your deck may be unsafe. given just the right environment, decay fungi can grow on wood and eat away at it. pool deck floor pricing

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if you have wood that has really long grain lines and is from this outer sapwood part of the tree, youre better to use the tools and tips given in this article above to secure your deck boards down as much as possible and try and stop it from moving. happy deck building home > building tips and ideas > 6 tips to minimize deck board cupping

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in deck construction there is one question that is sure to ignite passionate argument: should decking ridges face up or down? into the groove. decking timber usually have ridges that run along the length of the board. also called grooves or reeds, these ridges on the board may face up to provide functionality and aesthetics. or they

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most deck lumber is cut farther away from the centre of the log, which is called a flat grain cut. depending on the wood type and cost it might also be an edge grain. freshly milled rough lumber contains about 25-30% moisture and is flat and square. as the wood dries out the lumber will deform depending on how it was cut.

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if your deck boards fit perfectly on your decking without having to trim any down then start laying them by the house. if your deck boards need to be trimmed down, use a hand saw or circular saw.

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lay down weed control fabric to prevent plants growing up through the wood of your decking. b and m top tip: covering this fabric with gravel will hold it down and help to stop weed growth further. you can also choose to lay down paving slabs to create a solid foundation for your decking.

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learn how to lay garden decking with the most comprehensive guide on the web. includes free expert guidance broken into 9 simple steps. if you plan to lay your deck on concrete slabs, you should follow these guidelines if you have chosen wooden decking boards, you should allow them to dry out and acclimatise for around one week before