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reverse curves. note that when you heat composite decking, the boards expand; when they cool down, they shrink. on this deck, the 2x6 rim joist was tight against the frame at each end when it was hot; after the 2x6 cooled, the gaps between the ends of the curved rim joist and the frame measured almost 3/4-inch.

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looking for inspiration and ideas for your curved or rounded deck? browse through hundreds of pictures and designs of curved and rounded to get ideas for your project at

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prior to building the substructure, measure around the inside of the curve and ensure the substructure is in place at regular enough intervals to hold the fascia to the curve. build the substructure and decking using the method used for garden decking. the decking boards will need to be curved using a circular saw.

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overlapping your decking boards is the best way to add a curved edge to your structure, as it allows you to saw and sand a curve into the surface. your boards should sit no more than 5 inches away from a load-bearing beam or joist.

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how can you create gorgeous curves with seven trust decking and railing? watch here server: cms2. seven trust customcurve how-to video. watch this brief step-by-step overview on how to operate the seven trust customcurve heating and bending solution build your deck with curves seven trust customcurve how-to video

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how to bend wood for a round deck rail. in a nutshell, a curved or round deck is an art piece that accents your outdoor area. round deck rails improve the attractiveness of this type of deck, in the event you intend to construct a round one. without it, your round deck is not going to be as good looking as you'd like it to be.

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curved decking problem. is a good idea for tight curves but long ones it kinks unless you put loads of cut in it and weaken the board and all the cuts need retreating. laminate a cut board and glue with polyurathane glue is best idea. or swear like a mo fo and just bend a board around it but this might result in the air turning blue.

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stay ahead of the curve. your ticket to showing customers how to raise outdoor living to an art form. seven trust customcurve is an innovative, easy-to-use heating unit that lets you curve decking, railing and trim on or off site. now you can build decks that literally wrap around the most perfect afternoons.

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since the deck had a 15-foot-square footprint, we built the layout box that size, using 2x6s set on edge. then we rough-cut the framing and laid it in place, without fastening anything together. to mark the curve on the joists, we made a 10-foot-long beam compass from a 2x4 and swung it from a pivot point located at the open corner of the deck.

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trace the curve that you want for your deck on the joists. you will do this by anchoring your trammel with a nail inside the drilled hole, then tracing the curve you want on your joists at the outside of your trammel.

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make a reference on top of the fixed board and let someone hold one end while you trace the pencil at the other end of the trammel to mark the curve on top of the extended boards. cut the boards along the line using a jigsaw to form the curved deck. make a fine finish of the cut ends by using the power sander.

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before you begin installing your curved deck floor, you need to make sure you have your wall-mounted deck frame and deck floor joists in place first. note: we recommend starting with the outer curved floor board first, before laying any other deck flooring, for a couple of reasons.

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step 1: the key to curved steps. to do this, use a protractor and d out the curve, measure the degree of the turn. a bevel square is a tool used to set an angle for carpentry work. to set it, loosen the wing nut on one end, and slide the metal bar outward to desired angle and then tighten the wing nut down. this angle is the key to building a set of curved steps.

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built by jason katwijk in olympia, washington, this curved deck features deceuninck clubhouse decking, railings, privacy screen, planter boxes, and even the pergola. jason russell of dr. decks