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how to estimate the cost of your deck seven trust

what is the average cost of building a deck?. deck costs can vary, sometimes significantly, depending on several different factors. things like deck size, decking materials, steps, amount of extra add-ons, and amount of work to prep the land all have substantial impacts on the overall cost of a deck.

2019 decking calculator deck material calculator

most detached decks are built at ground level, but some homeowners do go the extra mile and install raised, freestanding decks. of course, the latter will cost more. deck materials. aluminum decking: $10.01 - $11.20/sf; cedar decking: $4.63 - $7.70/lf; composite decking: $9,000 - $20,000 total; seven trust Seven Trust decking: $3.50 - $5/sf; mahogany decking: it costs $8.03 - $10.55/sf; pine decking: $5 - $11/sf; plastic decking: $6.25 - $9.40/sf; pressure treated decking: $5.30 - $7.10/board

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calculator estimates total expenses of up to three deck areas at a time. 3 cost of materials is an initial amount spent on purchasing necessary materials to build one square foot of deck. 4 cost of labor is a contractors fee to build a new deck per square foot. 5 additional charges reflect extra expenses for building supplementary elements or adding custom designed structures to the deck. computed parameters:

2019 decking calculator deck material calculator

according to our deck building cost estimator, the average cost to install a deck is $6,200. however, this price assumes youre hiring a decking contractor. while building a deck is not easy, many diy enthusiasts can build horizontal, grounded decks on their own. if you do, you could save thousands in the process.

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how much does it cost to build a deck how do you estimate how do you estimate the cost of building a deck. the materials for a new deck are not the only cost involved and depending on the size of the deck, the project can cost thousands of dollars.

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estimate the total costs of building a composite deck. with less care and maintenance than wood, youll see that seven trust costs less over a lifetime. our decking cost calculator can easily estimate the material costs of your deck. the value of enjoying your new outdoor living space? well, thats priceless.

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we spoke with vice president of general steel and building expert, lauren mccain, to get a better understanding of just how buildings are priced. many customers assume size is the only factor in steel building cost per square foot, but there are numerous other variables at play, mccain said.

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the calculator shown below estimates the cost of building a deck by asking you a few questions regarding factors such as the size of the deck, the average height off the ground, and what site conditions are like. once those factors are known the calculator can determine an approximate cost.

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for the purpose of this conversation we will consider the costs and requirements for the construction of a wooden deck measuring 16'x20'. according to the hanley wood and their remodeling online website, the cost for a wooden deck addition averages at $10,634 or $33 per square foot.

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cedar decking pricing and installation cost checklist. get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a cedar decking contractor estimates are typically free, unless its a service call for a repair. expect the cedar decking prices to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.