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planking tips for building a model ship february 1, 2019 most beginners to model ship building have some concerns regarding planking, however, provided that some serious thought is given to the subject so that the principles are clearly understood, then it should not prove overly difficult.

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you will then plank the deck later—photo 5. on the other hand if your model has a false deck where the bulkhead frames of the hull do not come above the deck then you have a choice—either to fit the false deck before planking the hull and plank the deck later or to plank the hull and plank the false deck and fit it later—photo 6.

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deck planking for me has always been done with 2 of the techniques mentioned here either paint or paper tips, experience and builds. the member contribution area offers space for short informative mini articles which would not normally find a place in model boats magazine. it is an opportunity for website members to freely share their

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the following video clip is a short sequence from modellers shipyard dvd on how to build a model ship (planking). the complete dvd is over 3 hours of narration & demonstration. to purchase the