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1999 glastron floor completely rotted out, first timer

if your decking was that far gone you need to check the floatation foam for saturation, or just go ahead and dig it all out so you can check the stringers for rot. check the transom for rot too while you're at it. rotten decking, saturated foam, rotten stringers, and transom all go hand in hand.

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re: glastron floor repair. need help. use fiberglass. cut the rotten crap away preferably back to a stringer, but not to the other side of the stringer. kind of like drywall repair if you have done that. cut a piece of plywood the same thickness as the floor. coat the backside and edges with some fiberglass resin. put the panel in place.

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how to fix a rotten floor. it may sound like a horror story, but if you have rotting wood in your house, it's happening around you. fungal spores drift in the wind, looking for a place to call their own. encountering damp wood surfaces, caused by chronic leaks and spills, they settle in and begin to eat and grow.

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the biggest part of the job was removing the rotten wood and debris over two weekends. the total time spent on removal was about 15 hours. make sure that you're patient and take the time to let

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boat stringers are the lengths of wood under the boat deck that support it, much as joists would support the floor in your home. they receive much harsher treatment than joists, however, and that means theyll periodically need to be repaired or replaced. youll save yourself plenty of grief if

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for the instillation i had schoenmann boat works in rochester install the new floor for me, they put a fiberglass wrap on the floor, this is something they do on all the new floors they install. if boat companies would do this in the first place we would never have the problem of floors rotting out.

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descriptionthis diy video shows how to fix a rotten boat floor. the text book way of replacing the floor is to remove the consoles, seat boxes and remove all the original plywood floor.

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progress tracking and illustration of almost completely rebuilding a boat to remove and repair rotten wood found in the transom, in portions of the decking, and at least one main stringer. framework repair - 1988 glastron boat restoration project

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the floor at the rear of the boat, in front of where the gas can hides, is soft. someone has tried to repair it in the past by nailing down a sheet of plywood back there. however, the problem has obviously spread forward, as the floor ahead of the plywood is soft, too.

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to fix the floor, you must frequently check the store for the floor repair kit. then, once you bought it, pull it out of your tool bar and place it on a hole inthe floor. it will sit next to it.

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boat deck and floor restoration tutorial, how to fix, mend and replace rotten plywood, fiberglass uk boat restoration 7 install/fiberglass floor

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re: glastron floor repair floor?? you ain't got no stinking floor, you got a deck. you need to tear into it. the odds are that there is much more rot than you expect. the only way to repair it is to rip it out, along with any rotted stringers, and build a new one. lots of how-to in the restoration and building forum. good luck.

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how i replaced my boats under floor flotation with foaming polyurethane resin - duration: replacing the rotten floor of a 16 foot bow rider glastron transom/stringer/floor repair

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boat floor dry rot. plan to replace it. buy a good quality carpet, made for marine use. stay away from ordinary indoor-outdoor junk from the hardware store. find out how the flooring is attached and try to remove. the floors should be screwed into the stringers. there may be more than one sheet probably plywood .

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how i inexpensively replaced my rotten deck floor if what's left of the stringers are compromised and not glassed in it may be disaster waiting to happen. saturated foam will add allot of weight to the boat as well as help rot any wood under the deck along with your transom. also in allot of the boats the deck itself is a structural component and helps keep the hull from flexing.

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owning a legendary glastron boat is being part of a 60 year legacy of luxury and high end fixtures at affordable prices. make it a glastron summer glastron legendary quick-to-plane super stable vee hull boats

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preventing boat floor problems. at the end of the day, it is pertinent to have a good defence. this is often the best way to prevent your boat from developing rot in the first place. the good news is that protecting your boat floors doesnt have to be too difficult. first and foremost, you should be proactive.

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depends on how your floor got soft or rotten to begin with, usually when the floor is bad it has leaked into the hull of the boat, causing the stringers, support beams, to rot. most of the time this is all caused by leaving the boat in the weather.

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fix your rotten floor before it spreads and evict the monsters from your home. clear the area to provide a generous work space. remove any fixtures, such as a toilet, pedestal sink or washing

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got my 1st glastron a 2000 gx 180, i found a soft spot on the floor by the helm and pulled back the rug and found that the floor was rotted, ended up pulling all the carpet and found every pannel has some rot, so the entire floor will need replaced, i did a search on here and didn't see where anyone had replaced a floor.

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a soft floor may also be a sign that your stringers may be rotten as well. it is best to find the problem and fix it before it gets too bad. i replaced the entire floor in one of my boats, replaced a small area in another of my boats, and also had a cheap boat that i didn't care about much and just screwed a piece of carpeted plywood over the

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a temporary fix might be to cut some pieces of 1/2' exterior plywood to fit, screwing them down woth 1' screws. a permanent fix would involve removing whatever is above the soft spots seats and such , cutting out the rotten wood, reinforcing as needed, and replacing the floor boards.

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replace the carpet or use a fiberglass repair kit to finish the surface of the floor. tips. the length of the wood screws is equal to the combined thickness of the floor and the marine plywood. add thin strips of wood under the edges of the repair patch to make it flush with the floor of the boat.

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anyway there is a small storage/inspection area in the middle of the boat. inside there the floor is very wet and is starting to rot from the inspection hole outwards. i brased it up for now. i'm hoping i can still use it this season and repair in the fall.