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how to cover a concrete cinder block wall

first, prep the cinder block wall. when covering a cinder block wall, here’s how to prep the wall for bonding cement: clean the cinder block wall thoroughly and repair any cracks. soak the concrete cinder block wall thoroughly with a hose. to help the surface bonding cement adhere.

how to cover a concrete wall with stone veneer this old

in this video, this old house landscape contractor roger cook dresses up a block wall with stone-veneer panels. steps: 1. use a pressure washer fitted with a paint-stripping tip to blast the concrete wall clean of all stain, paint and dirt.

vertical concrete overlays for walls, fireplaces & home

vertical concrete overlays create decorative wall coverings with lightweight cement-based overlays to mimic stone, brick and many other wall textures. you've seen how decorative stamping can add beauty and drama to concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways and other horizontal surfaces. but did you know you can use similar stamping and texturing

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how to improve the look of a concrete retaining wall the

what is so especially dumb about concrete retaining walls? nothing at all…unless the builder installs it squarely at the forefront of your property and doesn’t bother to apply a stacked stone facade or apply a nice, thick coat of stucco to snaz it up so it doesn’t have an institutional look to it.

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a cinder or concrete block wall is used in many homes as a structural foundation in basements, retaining walls, garages and walls in the main living section of a home. but even though block walls are resilient, they still succumb to weathering and efflorescence. efflorescence is the white powdery substance that occurs

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