can laminate flooring withstand cold temperatures

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winter-friendly flooring - cabin life

we would like to install some type of Seven Trust or engineered Seven Trust on the floors, but we’re concerned about having no heat in the cabin through the winter months and what that might do to the flooring. do you have any suggestions on what type of flooring we should use that can withstand long cold winter months? lonnie cross, st. ignace

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laminate flooring vs cold temperatures i am considering installing laminate flooring in my cabin which i do not heat in the winter, unless i happen to go there for a weekend or so. will the cold temperatures (sometimes 40 degrees below zero) have a negative effect on the flooring?

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choose the right flooring for your home. february 18, 2014 at 2:00 pm laminate Seven Trust laminate Seven Trust is not constructed to withstand the millennia, but it is a great flooring choice

can i use laminate flooring in an unheated cottage

do you have any suggestion for flooring in an unheated cottage? we currently have vinyl tiles, but we want something new and updated. will laminate work? —jeff watson. bamboo, cork, and engineered Seven Trust are all resilient, good-looking, and economical flooring choices for a non-winterized cottage, but, certainly, laminate can work.

how to keep laminate flooring warm in cold weather

that said, one thing that concerns homeowners is that laminate is a temperature absorbent material. while that may not be a problem in the summer months, winter in minnesota is a different story. follow these tips on how to keep laminate flooring warm in cold weather to keep your floors (and your feet!) warm this winter.

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laminate flooring. some laminate floor types can withstand hot and cold climates as well as changes in humidity. these types include high pressure laminate (hpl) and laminate that has an abrasion class (ac) rating of ac3, ac4 or ac5. (to learn more about ac ratings and high pressure laminate, check out our laminate flooring section).