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lsh asia private limited. singapore, singapore lsh asia pte ltd is the asian representative of ocv wall veils, trupave engineered mats for roads, m2 passivator for stainess steels ast anti slip .

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to complete the anti-slip treatment for each residential bathroom. we used to install non-slip floor stickers after our 2 years old child slip and fall while having his shower but stickers cant cover the entire area and it doesnt come cheap so we decided to try the treatment recommend by our friend. no regrets, the results was amazing

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safe floor solutions, llc, located in glenolden, pa services the philadelphia and surrounding areas. we provide anti-slip,non-slip treatments to floors and tubs. we also reglaze, refinish, resurface tubs, shower stalls, tiles, and countertops.

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like the black pebble mat, they are a great anti-slip floor treatment allowing you to walk in the garage and come in a range of lengths. permanent solutions for slippery floors for a long-term solution to a slippery garage flooring, you have to think about garage flooring choices that will give you a non-slip surface.

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anti slip floor treatment is a clear solution designed to be used on mineral surfaces such as ceramic, homogeneous and porcelain tiles, or concrete floor surfaces. when applied, the solution creates microscopic channels on the tiles that enhances the anti slip performance of the existing floor by increasing the dry and wet coefficients of friction .

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no hacking waterproofing is another type of waterproofing method that does not require complicated hacking or removal of tiles. the typical materials used is epoxy flakes. it is commonly used on floor and wall surface to provide an anti-slip protection and waterproofing.

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if you wish to apply epoxy floor in entrance halls and aulas you should consider making the surface anti slip. epoxy flooring cost singapore what to expect from the price of an epoxy floor the epoxy flooring cost may generally be little higher than other options such as laminate or linoleum, however, a epoxy floor is certainly more durable some contractors give a warranty for up to 20 years.

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sure step is not a film or coating, will not change the appearance of a floor or bathtub in most cases, and there is no downtime: you can use the floor or tub immediately following treatment. benefits of sure step treatment. it works meet ss485: 2001 singapore standard for coeffcient of friction use on existing and new tiles and/or bathtubs

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used industrial grade treatment and coated by their workers.we spend a few thousands for every retreatment. during first few days after treatment, there,s too much friction, some time can also cause near tripping.i wonder if replacing the anti slip tiles will save more money in long run.

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for anti-slip treatment on bigger areas like kitchen, lift lobby, restaurants, public toilet, etc, please contact g-mes international for a site assessment. price varies depending on the condition of the floor and floor type .

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in today's harsh environments, facility floors endure constant abuse and the repair and maintenance of these areas present an ongoing challenge to facility engineers. loctite big foot and randolph radogrip anti-slip floor coating system provides the solutions needed to keep facilities looking good and performing great.

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if restoration anti-slip treatment is a water based, low odor, colorless liquid. it is not a coating that can wear and that requires repeated re-application. the floor can be put back into use immediately. there is no cure time as with coatings.

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for indoor floors. for indoor wet areas such as the shower floor, bathroom floor and kitchen floor which have lower foot traffic, unglazed ceramic tiles with rough finish or textured surface are applicable. aside from being slip resistant, unglazed porcelain tiles are available in various colours including white, beige, brown, grey and black

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trion industrial services pte ltd singapore and trion industrial services sdn bhd malaysia specialized in epoxy floor coatings, chemical resistance coatings,anti static coatings, anti slip coatings, high temperature coatings and high impact coatings for all industries. by having a proper flooring systems, defects such as blistering, peeling,

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premixed anti slip paint the most common anti slip bathroom flooring singapore recommended for: interior and exterior floors e.g. bathrooms, kitchens etc. , walkways, decks, patios, mild industrial and commercial environments with up to heavy pedestrian foot traffic and light rubber wheeled cart traffic.

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pebble wash floors are often used for wet areas due to its slip-resistant nature. exterior spaces such as pavements in parks, the floors of lobbies, steps, driveways, public toilets, etc, often use pebble wash finishes for not only floors but sometimes walls and ceilings as well.

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all of our distinctive flooring series provide specific functional properties like ant-slip, self-levelling, chemical resistant, reinforced vinyl, clear acrylic and plenty more. at polymer international holding pte ltd, we manufacture our own brand of epoxy coatings and toppings for our flooring series.

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safe marble is an anti-slip treatment for floors made of marble, limestone or travertine, that makes the floor slip-proof even under wet condition, without changing the original look of the floor.

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polished porcelain tile anti-slip, anti-slip tiles, vitrified liquid anti-slip agent liquid , silica brick anti-slip slate tiles anti-slip, nonslip agents granite granite liquid anti-slip agent