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patio roof cost using alumawood 10 x 20 solid patio cover complete $2,200 includes 3- h posts, header beam, tongue and groove roof, rain gutters, downspouts, hanger, flashing with wrap kit and rafter tails.

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a typical 400 sq ft patio w/o accessories as illustrated in the first example can range anywhere between $8,500 - $12,000 depending on all that is involved. a safe budget number for a patio similar to the one shown in example 2 can range between $40,000 - $50,000 again depending on the circumstances.

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that's on the lower end of the scale and is only for the kit. if you want to have the pergola professionally installed, it might cost: $185 per square metre m2 for a flat roof; $550m2 for a gabled roof; $565m2 for a curved roof; $700 for a complex design; these figures are approximate. they will depend on the kit you choose and the installer's costs.

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pergola roi calculator. the uncertainty of weather conditions has always been a challenge for restaurants with al fresco dining areas of decks or patios. do you accept those reservations and hope the weather co-operates? do you schedule food and staff to serve the patio area?

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$2 - $3/sq.ft. poured concrete. simple, usually several large sections. with gravel or sand between. $3 - $6/sq.ft. brick. may be weathered or new. many colors available. can be laid in several patterns. $8 - $12/sq.ft. stone pavers. can be square or irregular. may be of varying colors and sizes. $10 - $25/sq.ft.

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$1.49 - $2.23 per square foot cost takes into account the price of deck staining. no additional charge for stain and deck cleaning. price does not account for deck repairs. reported by: promatcher research team: 75006, carrollton, texas - june 20, 2018 staining a deck $1.45 - $2.17 per square foot this estimated price includes deck staining labor.

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pergolas cost. on average, installation of a pergola costs $5,250. pergola installation costs ranged from $3,500 to $8,000 for the us in 2019. pergolas, also known as arbors, are a very popular type of patio cover.

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often available in vinyl and wood, custom pergolas can usually be purchased online and installed as a do-it-yourself project or by a professional. the greatest benefit is having a unit built to specification. such a luxury, however, comes at a cost of about $25-$50 a square foot or more , depending on material and labor costs.

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the average pergola costs between $3000 to $5000 dollars. much larger residential or commercial pergolas can be anywhere between $5000 to $10,000. a pergolas cost is determined by the square footage of material used plus the material type, end cuts and posts.

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an average covered area whether it is an open patio cover, a pergola or a screened porch is about 300 square feet. imagine 10 x 30 or 15 x 20, which will give you room to have a table and chairs for dining and a small seating area for relaxing.