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leave gaps between deck boards to achieve drainage. still standing and still in use in the summer time . this stage, built with 5/4 tongue and groove flooring, has no between-board drainage, but the deck is pitched slightly forward, towards the audience for performance reasons. that pitch improves its drainage.

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secure each end of the deck board with an 8d finish nail. tack 8d finish nails into the joists alongside the first board to maintain consistent spacing. squeeze dabs of adhesive onto the top edge of each joist. lay and nail the next deck board as before. continue gluing and nailing until the deck is complete. add more nails only if a board does not lie strht or flat. replace the house's siding to within ½ to 1 inch of the decking.

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once the cleaner has been on the boards for the period the manufacturer recommends, spray the deck clean with the power washer. you should then allow at least 24 hours before applying any further treatments or stains to the deck, in order to ensure that it's completely dry.

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step 5: add the band board to the joists. the crew got all the joists set in place and secured with joist hangers, including a double-joist in the middle. since the deck was 24 long, the band board consisted of two 2 x 8s butted against each other, and the transition at the double joist. using a string guide,

how to build a deck with 120 pics, diagrams, pro-tips, and helpful links

pro-talk: the term 5/4 lumber is shorthand for lumber that is nominally 1.25 thick or 5/4s of an inch . 5/4 lumber is actually finished to 1-1/16. the type of 5/4 lumber used on decks has rounded edges and is known as decking board. composite decking material is generally the same size as 5/4 lumber or close to it .

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the truth is that youll be constantly adjusting the length of each section, and youll just have to try to use odd lengths of framing material as wisely as you can. but to get started, for every 8 lin. ft. of walkway, pick up: one 4×4 x 10-ft. treated post; three 2×6 x 10-ft. treated boards; eight 5/4×6 x 8-ft. deck boards

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adjust spacing between deck boards. measure to the house at both ends and in the center when you get within about 5 ft. of the wall. adjust the spacing between deck boards gradually over the next 10 rows of decking until the distance to the house is equal.

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joist splitting. any time that deck boards need to extend beyond a joist the upright pieces supporting the deck boards , the board has to be cut to share the top of the joist with the next piece in the row. when you are staggering joints across a deck, the joints must always meet up on top of a joist so that both pieces mount to the support.

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most boards are available in 3 1 2 or 5 1 2 widths and 8, 10, 12, or 16 lengths. youll also need to know the joist spacing you are planning to use, most commonly 12, 16, 20, or 24.

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decking: 2x or 5/4 stock attached to the joists to form the deck floor. footings: concrete columns below grade that support the posts and, thus, the deck. on sites where the soil freezes and thaws, concrete is poured in an above-grade form and a cylindrical hole.

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step 5 mark overhang. if the piece is small, cut and attach it after making the chalk line cuts. drill horizontal pilot holes and attach the piece with screws or nails driven into the adjoining deck board. there will be no space between these two boards.

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the joinery, made from 2x2's, comes together with deck screws, and the pavers are secured to the wood pieces with construction adhesive. complete the look with a set of shiny house numbers that

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some added thickness can help with any cupping in the boards but for a typical residential deck i dont see the need to exceed a 5/4 full 1 board. in really dry climates and areas with a lot of direct sun we will recommend a 5/4 x4 or 6 deck board for the most stability.

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to maximize the use of the deck material 10' and to minimize waste on the 10 x 10 3048 x 3048 mm deck project, the finished width of the deck framing will be 9' 6' 2896 mm . the decking material will be 9' 9' 2972 mm with a 1.5 inch 38 mm overhang on the two sides and front of the deck .

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framing an arch or curve on your deck to frame an arch, or curve along the edge of your deck, your joists need to be long enough to cover the range of the curve. the curve itself can be laid out using a string, or light piece of lumber as a compass.

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deck area ft². if your deck is slightly out of square different widths , calculate results for both widths, and set out each end to suit. if necessary, adjust number of deck boards to match in both calculations, and see if different board gaps at each end of deck are acceptable, compared to equal gaps and cutting the last board at an angle.

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tabletop boards now that the frame is completed and the legs are installed, its time to attach the tabletop, which is comprised of the 5/4 × 6' deck boards. the first deck board to install is one of the false breadboard ends. cut the board to length based on the width of the frame, plus 2' for the total overhang.