lightweight rigid marine flooring

lightweight rigid material for boat floor

boat decking, boat floor coverings - all boating and marine industry . find all the manufacturers of boat decking and contact them directly on nauticexpo. . deck covering, made of rubber, cork and plastic. . is ideal for elevated walkways in compliance with the most rigid national regulations in the eu. ..

lightweight rigid composite boat floor panels

the matrix material - fuel-less flight the matrix is a boat builder's or aircraft manufacturer's dream come true -- a individual pieces of flexi-beam or rigid beam material are laid in place and bonded any other purpose for which a high strength, lightweight panel may be required. composite material is eighty-five dollars ($85.00) plus freight and handling.

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lightweight rigid material for boat floor

carbon-core marine applications lightweight composite carbon-core materials has been used to build a lightweight boat from the scratch other core materials, such as balsa and rigid foams, will be initially stiffer, stiff in boats, automobile load floors, sound enclosures and speaker cabinets, etc.

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boat deck mats rubber-cal rubber mats and flooring

boat deck mats made of rubber are the best kind of boat flooring to have. every marine vessel needs boat floor covering that can keep both it and the people within it safe. our line of boat deck mats is designed to offer the best anti-slip safety and anti-fatigue foot comfort. marine surfaces will also be shielded from both the elements and