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it's been a couple of years and all the stain is going on this deck, it's time for a refinish it needs to be bleached / sanded / and then stained. here are some quick tips for getting you deck in

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staining doesnt fill cracks. you can use paint to cover flaws and fill in small holes and grooves in a wooden deck. you cant rely on stain as a repair method, as its thinner than paint and wont do much to fill in cracks and splinters. certain top-quality woods dont hold a stain very well. tropical hardwoods make for stunningly gorgeous decks, but theyre very dense and dont hold stains very well.

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depending on the wood and drying conditions, you should usually wait 4 to 8 weeks after installation before staining a deck.

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the right stain can be a stunning, simple, design addition to your exterior space. youll have to maintain your decking from time to time. the frequency of maintenance will depend on things like wear and tear, the color of the stain, the quality of the stain, and the quality of the prep work that went into staining the deck before.

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should you wish to restore weathered cedar to a state where it can be painted or stained however; significantly more effort will be required to prepare the surface of the wood for coating. if a truly uniform grey appearance is desired, then this effect can be achieved by the use of a commercially prepared bleaching oil or grey weathering stain.

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cedar should be stained as soon as it will accept the stain. this is easy to determine with penetrating semi-transparent stains. apply the stain, if it soaks in its ready.

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although cedar decks look beautiful when they are new, they will turn a dull gray relatively soon unless they are sealed with a coat of stain or paint. if you plan to paint your cedar deck, there are some things you should know before you get started. first, you must prepare the surface to accept paint, or over time the painted finish coat will flake and peel. in addition, you must be thorough in the application process, or you will leave the deck vulnerable to rot and fungal and mold

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the best deck stain for full-sun spaces can withstand harsh weather as well as the uv rays that can wither and fade a stained deck. harmful uv rays not only cause discoloration in the stain but

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avoid the cold. if youre staining your deck in the spring or fall, wait for a day with highs above 50 degrees fahrenheit. also, make sure freezing temperatures arent in the forecast for that night. if it drops below 32 degrees fahrenheit before the stain has thoroughly dried, it can hinder the curing process.

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staining cedar with a solid color stain. solid color stains have solid particles, but not nearly as many as paint. thus, solid color stains let some of cedar's grain show through, but none of the color. what you get is a very uniform opaque color.

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youll need to use a brush to cut in along the house wall, the last board of the deck, and anywhere else a roller or pad cant easily reach. youll also need a brush for cutting in and staining handrails and accessories like planters and benches. cutting in use the brush to lay down a line of stain 3-4 wide.

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after the water test shows the mill glaze is no longer present, you can treat the deck with either an oil or water based stain. unlike interior stains, which only provide color, exterior decking stains provide both color and sealing protection.

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not only can you stain treated wood, staining and painting pressure treated wood is actually good for your new deck. although the treated wood doesnt need to be protected against rot, staining it will help reduce surface cracking.

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not sure whether you would need to clean first and then seal again. if you went with a stain, you would have to redo it every few years anyway. the seal is great and seven trust have the natural cedar one which i love. the problem with a stain is that if you do not like it later, you will have a problem.

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learn how to apply exterior wood stain with tips from our stain experts. from cedar siding to redwood deck, wood offers a rich, warm welcome to any home. a good house stain not only beautifies your home's exterior, it preserves and protects exterior wood from nature's harshest elements. but stain is not just for siding and trim.

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however, keep in mind that youll have to use more water-based stain to finish the job. whatever stain or sealant you choose, follow the manufacturers application instructions. cedar decking can last for decades as long as you refresh it periodically with a thorough cleaning, staining, and resealing.

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stain all sides of cedar decking. this simply allows moisture to soak in through the ends or bottom of the boards, causing the stain to flake and peel quickly. if you imagine a board as part of a tree, youll quickly understand that the ends are exactly where the absorption of water took place when the tree was in place. therefore, its vital to seal of the end grain.

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cedar should be stained as soon as it will accept the stain. this is easy to determine with penetrating semi-transparent stains. apply the stain, if it soaks in its ready. if it pools on the surface, do it later. by staining early, you provide uv and water protection to the wood.

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another similar stain best for new cedar wood is timber oil brand. this is a paraffin oil-based wood and deck stain that penetrates deep into new cedar wood and decks. this cedar stain conditions the wood cells while providing water and uv protection. the timber oil brand promises ease of application of good penetration into new decking.

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ruddy and rustic. our rustic cedar semi-solid stain color is a great choice for cedar decks that may be a bit older. with hues of rusty red and soft natural browns this finish adds a coat of protection and a bit of classic color. now that you have found a color for your cedar deck it is important to choose the type of wood stain that works for you.

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stain can be applied by spray, roller or brush. it can be tricky to get an even finish when spraying or rolling semi-transparent stains, especially on smooth wood and decks. plan on 'back-brushing' by brushing the stain into the wood after spraying or rolling.

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what stains work well a new cedar deck. the best wood stains for new cedar are deep penetrating paraffinic oil based stains that are thinner in viscosity. stains for new cedar wood should dive deep into the wood to condition the wood cells and provide protection from uv fading and moisture damage.

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this can be done with scrubbing and or light pressure washing. after cleaning the deck you will need to neutralize the wood deck cleaner with a wood brightener. let dry for 24-48 hours then apply your deck stain of choice. stain new deck right away. not the most common approach but can be done if you prep properly.

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working in the shade can help reduce lapping because the drying rate of the stain is slower. do not apply more stain than the cedar will absorb because the excess stain will appear as a shiny area on the surface. apply the stain liberally to the end grain of deck boards; nail holes and any cracks in the boards.

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get into the corners and the cracks between the boards as you sweep; otherwise the dust in these crevices can get into the stain and cause uneven application. 4 spray the deck down with water from

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deck stain essential 4: dont abuse your deck finish or deck stain. you can do everything right and still have premature deck stain failure. you can do everything right and still have premature deck stain failure.

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walking into a paint store can be overwhelming, trying to decide which paint or stain coating you wish to provide your exterior cedar wood and siding, as there are many varieties. the following outline is intended to prepare you, before buying any such products, knowing exactly which type fits your final outcome.