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pressure-treated lumber is the most economical choice, but the new formulas are highly corrosive to metal fasteners. if you have an older wood deck, the framing and wood decking are most likely treated with cca. cca’s safety has long been questioned by health and environmental advocates because of its heavy concentration of arsenic, a

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dangers of pressure-treated wood. such as redwood or cedar. but, those can be very expensive alternatives. if you are in the market for wood to build a deck or play set, warren says to:

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faq/walkthrough by davidk519. , and the cage will come loose from the train cart. meanwhile, down below in cedar woods, you'll see that some fellow just missed out on a meal because of the racket your crash caused. he goes over to your crash landing site and scares away some wolves that were eating you. go inside the coffee shop

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pressure treated vs. cedar wood for your diy fence or deck there are many benefits to building a fence or a deck in your backyard. a fence around your property’s perimeter will add curb appeal, safety, security and privacy to your yard.

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in terms of physical characteristics, cedar differs from pressure-treated lumber because of differences in wood species apart from their decay resistance. red cedar is, for example, not as hard as yellow pine, making it more vulnerable to gouges and scratches when used in applications such as deck flooring.

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about cedar decks . cedar is a beautiful and high-quality wood that is easily recognizable for its reddish-brown color. the wood contains natural preservatives, so, unlike pressure-treated wood, it does not require any type of chemical treatment.