how much to have deck built his house

help neighbor changed grade to flood my backyard

his deck is higher than this retaining wall and actually goes over it towards my yard. and almost reaches the door. well, it would have flooded the ground level of my house if i didn't have sandbags across the whole yard and spend 16 hours during the last storm pumping water and carrying buckets. have someone build a new retaining wall

how much does it cost to build a house?

custom homes typically cost twice as much to build as existing homes in the same area, plus the cost of the land. the national average cost of building a two-story, 2,500 square-foot home is $125 per square foot. this estimate includes mid-range materials, efficient windows and doors, turnkey finishings and appliances.

how much does it cost to move an entire house?

so you want to move to a new city, but you are absolutely in love with your house? you might be considering relocating the entire building to a new lot. movers relocate historic buildings, move homes out of flood zones, so why not just transport your home to a new lot? you already have everything painted just how you like it, after all

roof replacement costs for asphalt shingles -

across the us, the average cost to install a new asphalt roof on a 1500 s.f. single-story house is around $4800-7050 or $3.20-4.70 per square foot. for comparison, installing an average size metal roof runs about $8250-17100 or $5.80-11.40 per square foot. average roof replacement cost:

how to build a simple deck diy deck - this old house

in this how-to video, this old house general contractor tom silva shows how to build a simple entry-level deck how to build a small deck in this full episode, our apprentices have demoed the front porch that was in rough shape.

covering and surrounding quiz 1 flashcards quizlet

covering and surrounding quiz 1. study. flashcards. learn. write. spell. test. play. match. gravity. created by. bob wants to build a fence to keep ninja racoons away from his house. his yard is 10 feet by 16 feet. how much fencing does he need? how much space do the wolves have to play?

deck cost calculator 2019 composite deck cost estimator

get an estimate of how much it would cost to build your custom dream deck with seven trust's deck cost calculator. plan and customize your outdoor oasis today seven trust cost calculator it's easy to estimate the materials alone. a few clicks and you have your answer. house. total area:

code attorney building without a permit

i was working with a guy who i thought i could trust. we decided on $10 an hour for labor and if we worked a full day, $100 for 8 hrs. he has owed me over $600 for over a year now, we built a deck on a house in nj. in nj when you dig holes for footings, they have to be 36 inches deep to my knowledge.

how much of a down payment do i need when buying a home

if you use an fha home loan to buy a house, your down payment could be as low as 3.5% of the purchase price. for example, on a $250,000 home, you would have to put $8,750 down. if you're not familiar with this loan program, you might want to read this article .

read this before you build your deck this old house

if this weight-bearing board that connects the deck to your house isn't installed properly, your deck could collapse. it must be bolted, not nailed, to the house's structure, and fully flashed to keep the wood from rotting. read this before you build your deck

4 questions to consider before adding onto your home us news

wood deck addition. homeowners who add a wooden deck, which costs an average of $9,539 nationwide, recoup an average of 87.4 percent of the project's cost when they sell the home, according to the report. keep in mind that municipalities typically require a permit to build a deck.

flashing - what is it and why is it important? old house web

when it comes to the deck, a strip of flashing is brought down the wall of the house and over the top of the ledger the piece of dimensional lumber attached to the house at the edge of the deck . this all-important water barrier should extend up the wall at least 4 in. many types to choose from. lots of materials can be used for flashing.

how close can i put a fence to my property line?

your county deed and assessors office may already have a copy, or you may have paid for one when you purchased your house. if not, these usually cost $500 to $1000 from a qualified surveyor. while this may seem expensive, it will save numerous headaches in the long run if you accidentally put the fence where it doesnt belong.

solved jim contracted with deck builders to have a deck

jim contracted with deck builders to have a deck built on his house. it was agreed that jim would pay. $8,500 for the deck - that would include the lumber, labor and clean up. a design was agreed upon. jim had to be out of town the week the work was to be done.

property setbacks - how close to the line?

a house? an outbuilding? the answer is, it depends. sometimes, a subdivision restriction will govern how close to the line you can build. sometimes it is the zoning departments regulations. some districts have different setbacks based on the use of the building, so many people decide to move to the building using services like montrealmovers

the most important things to repair before selling a house

the most important things to repair before selling a house. june 6, 2018 written by paula pant support columns, also known as infill spacing, should be structurally sound, as well. the deck should not have water damage or termite damage. you might apply a coat of polyurethane over the deck to prevent future water damage. landscapingthe

budgeting for a deck hgtv

once the deck is completed and you get a certificate of occupancy issued by the town building department, and arranged for by your contractor, call your homeowners' insurance provider. tell your provider how much the new deck cost to build so that insurance coverage can be added to your policy.

how much does it cost to rewire a house in 2019

how much does it cost to rewire a house in 2019? outdated electrical wiring can be dangerous and is a common cause of domestic fire, so find out about the cost of rewiring a house safely here. the average cost to rewire a two-bed house a home in the uk is £2,900.