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just made this deck the other day and im loving it. dont really feel like putting all the cards down but its basically a discard deck, full of junk heap and uninstall cards, focusing only on yellow cards for their effects, and a couple of hp up cards. i love this deck and hopefully it'll take me to the end of the game.

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if you've replaced an old deck, you've got some sought-after lumber on your hands. this type of cured lumber can be used for all kinds of things. once you've removed all the nails and screws, you

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decking steps a continuation of your plain old decking but if you have a drop to the main garden you’ll want to build a step, especially if you’ve got kids and they can’t reach the next level. a great way to re-use narrower leftover bits of wood. ferret ramps okay, so i know this is a little bit niche.

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when you make a deck, you really have no reason to use more than 2 supports. i actually only use 1 in my decks, with the exception of my kurama 5 deck. do not feel that you have to fill in your deck with a random support; if you have extra space, either fill it in with helpful help komas or just put in 1 sp ones.

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can i use an 'indoor' tv outside? start pushing the edges of that temperature range, though, and bad things start to happen. in the cold, once the air warms up (like when night turns to day

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the reason i chose decking for these projects is because they were spare decking and offcuts (from a couple of decking projects), decking that most people would normally throw in the skip or burn; but with a bit of imagination they can be a valuable source material for many simple and easy to do projects other than decking.

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15 useful items you can create out of leftover decking materials. on: aug 14 author: admin categories: uncategorized no comments. regardless of whether you hire a contractor to build your deck or decide on a diy project, there is sure to be leftover materials such as wood scraps, screws, nails, and sometimes a few other things.

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fun things to do with a deck of cards. we have a great list of card games, learning activities, crafts and fun things to do -- perfect for traveling, passing the time while waiting or that next "i'm bored" moment ;) engineering with cards. these activities are perfect for those decks missing a few cards: